SLC NAND – Built for Industrial Applications

  Industrial applications require non-volatile storage devices that are extremely reliable, robust and have an extended life cycle. Delkin SLC NAND Industrial storage devices meet these rigorous requirements by utilizing SLC (Single Level Cell) flash memory, the ultimate in NAND technology. SLC flash memory is ideal for industrial applications needing high endurance, ruggedness in harsh environmental conditions and long life cycles. The flash memory mainstream markets, such as enterprise applications, are driven by maximum capacity and performance along with lowest possible...
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Storage Insights #4 – NAND Flash Based SSD Drives and the Flash Controller

Click below to read the new Delkin Storage Insights post on the element14 Community Embedded Blog: Storage Insights #4 – NAND Flash Based SSD Drives and the Flash Controller
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FAQs about Flash Based SSDs

  Flash based SSDs are ubiquitous in industrial applications. They take advantage of the reliability of flash storage and do away with the moving components found in HDDs, resulting in faster operations and lower risk of data loss. You can find flash based SSDs in a huge array of consumer and industrial grade applications, from laptop computers to complex medical devices. Although there are two kinds of flash memory—NAND and NOR—most storage devices are designed with NAND flash, or a...
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