Expansion of In-House Testing Equipment & Capabilities

Extended Life Cycle Delkin Devices

Delkin is increasing investments in both design verification testing (DVT) and ongoing reliability testing (ORT) in house, recently adding additional pieces of advanced testing equipment to offer shorter turnaround times and a consistently higher quality industrial grade storage products from the San Diego based USA manufacturing lines.

In addition to adding high end equipment to begin performing Highly Accelerated Life Testing (HALT) on Delkin designs, the HALT equipment is planned to be used in conjunction with an array of existing protocol analyzers and design engineering software to test and troubleshoot custom designs in unique customer host applications in the future.  Having this capability in house helps in troubleshooting potential issues, ensuring a stable product in the field, and finalizing designs more quickly than if these tests were sent out to third party for testing.

During HALT testing, environmental temperature is ramped up and down while extreme vibration is applied, using exact parameters defined by Delkin’s specifications or a customer usage scenario. Typically, a HALT test consists of four steps, including a thermal step test, rapid thermal cycling, a vibration step test, and a combined environment test. Two computers operate the HALT test, one that manages the testing parameters and equipment, and a second that runs the host application software to replicate real world applications.  Delkin’s Customer Application Engineering Team is now able to analyze these results and combine them with tests already performed with various other in-house equipment, to finalize designs and provide feedback.

Design Verification Testing is performed initially on new designs and when slight changes occur, such as a change to a product’s CPU or flash die part number that initiate a change in the bill of materials. Ongoing Reliability Testing will be performed continuously to parts that come off of Delkin’s manufacturing lines to ensure consistency, reliability, and complete accuracy in build. These advancements in in-house testing practices combined with Delkin’s team of Customer Application Engineers ensure consistently high quality design and manufacturing for Delkin’s entire line of rugged industrial grade flash memory storage products.

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