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Delkin utilizes the latest flash and controller technology in a wide range of interfaces, form factors and capacities and has the technical expertise to identify the ideal solution for each application, often with some level of customization.

Interfaces / Form Factors

Embedded And Industrial Applications Are Characterized By A Wide Variety Of Host Requirements Relative To Form Factor And Interface. Understanding The Trade-Offs Are Critical To Making The Best Solution For A Particular Host Hardware And Software Architecture

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Delkin Technology Flash Endurance

Flash Endurance

When evaluating NAND flash-based devices as the storage medium for an embedded application, flash endurance is usually a major part of the decision. In addition to the program/erase (P/E) cycle rating of the raw flash die, other factors such as how the storage device is written to, can have a significant impact on the resulting life of the drive. Delkin offers SLC, MLC, pseudoSLC, and TLC flash choices, as well as various controller and firmware options, that will affect the endurance and lifetime of each storage product solution.

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Power Fail

Power Fail

Power management at the solid state drive level is critical to prevent data corruption due to unexpected power loss. Delkin’s solid state drives are designed to utilize numerous power fail protection approaches to mitigate the risk of corruption and ensure consistent data integrity.

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Delkin realizes that one-size-fits-all does not work in the Embedded/Industrial OEM storage world and we embrace the opportunity to customize a product or test process for your unique application.

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Delkin DVT & ORT Testing


Delkin is proud to perform both design verification testing (DVT) and ongoing reliability testing (ORT) in house, utilizing investments in advanced testing equipment to offer shorter turnaround times and a consistently higher quality industrial grade storage products from the San Diego based USA manufacturing lines.

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Delkin Devices developed the Utility concept for OEM’s and embedded designers that need a cost-effective, yet controlled storage solution. In many cases, the cost of the host and the usage model does not support the use of high- endurance SLC flash, yet the application still requires an industrial-grade product, consistent performance and life cycle management.

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