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The Parallel ATA (PATA) interface, which evolved from IDE, was the standard hard drive interface dating from the mid 1980’s until the introduction of Serial ATA (SATA) in 2003. PATA is still the primary foundational technology in the industrial embedded space, due mainly to the large installed base of legacy hosts.

The two main form factors still in production utilizing the PATA interface are CompactFlash (whose standards are governed by the CompactFlash Association, and PCMCIA cards. Delkin offers the widest range of CompactFlash products available on the market with multiple controller and flash options, including the C400 Series CompactFlash, C500 Series CompactFlash, C670 Series CompactFlash, Ruggedized cards for extreme environmental conditions, cards with customized labels, serialization, image loading, or specialized testing.

PATA / CF Devices

Industrial CompactFlash

CompactFlash has been a key form factor in the industrial embedded space since its introduction in 1994, due to its robustness, small size and ease of integration.

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Industrial PCMCIA

Although the PCMCIA standard was first released in 1990, and most platforms have moved to other storage options, there are still legacy hosts in existence using this form factor.

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