Delkin Devices microSD/microSDHC

Industrial SLC microSD

Product Highlights

  • Compliant with SD 3.0, 1.1 & 2.0 Standards
  • Supports SD and SPI Modes
  • Capacities from 128MB to 4GB in SLC Flash
  • SMART Functionality
  • -40 to 85°C Operating Temp
  • Read / Write Speeds up to 23 / 21 MB/s*

*Capacity Dependent

Product Description

The perpetual drive to shrink electronics has made the tiny microSD form factor the fastest growing segment in the industrial and OEM space in recent years.  Since industrial microSD cards are constructed as an encapsulated SIP (System In Package), they are also extremely rugged from a mechanical standpoint, and able to withstand environments subject to shock and vibration. Whether just 512MB is needed to boot an application or 8GB is needed for extensive data logging, Delkin has a high endurance industrial SLC microSD option available, rated for full industrial temperature operation.  Configurations are also available with SMART capability, allowing users to monitor the status of the card, including program/erase cycles consumed, spare block status, power cycles and an estimated remaining life. Delkin provides a dashboard tool for off-line SMART monitoring or the card data can be accessed directly via a library or SD commands.

As contrasted with commercial grade microSD cards, which can have frequent configuration changes to reduce cost, Delkin U331C Series Industrial microSD cards are controlled with a locked bill of materials.  This means that no changes can be made to the flash, controller or firmware configuration without a part number change. Delkin also understands the importance of life cycle management, so that when a part must be discontinued, users are notified in advance, offered a last time buy opportunity and provided with qualification samples of the replacement part.

Delkin offers customization of industrial microSD’s, including custom pad printing or content loading, and the cards are available with adapters converting them to full size SD.

Delkin Industrial microSD Part Numbers

CapacityU331C Series
256MB S325TLMJM-C1000-3
512MB S351TLNJM-C1000-3

Technical Specifications


Operating Temp
-40 to +85°C

Storage Temp
-50 to +100°C, dependent on card configuration. Refer to full specifications.

1500G, 0.5msec duration

20 – 80Hz / 1.52mm displacement
80Hz – 2000Hz, 20G acceleration

Reliability / Endurance

SLC: 234 TBW

> 2 million hours (0 to +25°C)
> 200,000 hours (60°C)

Capacity Range

128MB – 8GB



Sequential Read up to 23MB/s
Sequential Write up to 21MB/s

Refer to full engineering specifications.


1Per MIL-STD-810G, Method 516.6 Procedure I. Testing to other shock profiles available upon request.

2Per MIL-STD-810G, Method 514.6; Category 24. Testing to other vibration curves available upon request.

3TBW figures are representative for 4GB capacity based on optimal usage model. Contact Delkin for life estimates on other capacities or using your specific usage parameters.

4Performance figures shown are for highest capacity configuration, and will vary by capacity, host, usage model and other factors.


  • Compliant with SD Specification 3.0, backward compatible to 1.1 & 2.0
  • Operating BUS modes – SPI and SD
  • Advanced wear leveling and ECC
  • SMART support
  • Two different controller options available for application specific optimization
  • SD Adapters available
  • Customizable with custom pad printing, settings, content loading / duplication, etc.
  • Compliant with European Union Directive 2011/65/EU (RoHS)

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