COEM microSD

Product Highlights

  • OEM grade microSD
  • Compliant with SD 6.0
  • Capacities: microSD 16GB & 32GB
  • Operating Temperature: -25 to +85°C
  • Read / Write speeds up to 95 MB/s / 30 MB/s

Product Description

Delkin Devices COEM Series of microSD cards is a cost-optimized product family ideal for OEM applications needing economical, yet durable and reliable NAND flash storage.

Utilizing proven design and manufacturing practices that produce high quality cards, the COEM Series is a more suitable option for equipment suppliers than retail consumer grade cards, but at a similar price point.

Whether logging data or video, or loading an OS or application software, the COEM series utilizes the latest controller technology and 3D NAND to offer excellent performance at a great value.

Delkin COEM microSD Part Numbers


COEM microSD Cross Reference Part Numbers

Form FactorPart NumberBrandCapacity
microSDSDSDQEB-016GSanDisk16 GB
microSDSDSQUNC-016G-AN6MASanDisk16 GB
microSDSDSDQAB-016GSanDisk16 GB
microSDSDSDQAD-016GSanDisk16 GB
microSDSDSDQAF3-016G-ISanDisk16 GB
microSDSDSDQAB-016G-JSanDisk16 GB
microSDSDSDQAB-016G-KSanDisk16 GB
microSDSDSDQAB-016G-859SanDisk16 GB
microSDSDSDQEC-016GSanDisk16 GB
microSDAP16GMCSH4-BApacer16 GB
microSDAP16GMCSH10U1-BApacer16 GB
microSDAP-MSD16GCA-1GTMApacer16 GB
microSDAP-MSD16GCA-1HTMApacer16 GB
microSDAP-MSD16GCA-2HTMApacer16 GB
microSDAP-MSD16GCA-1ATMApacer16 GB
microSDAP-MSD16GCA-1FTMApacer16 GB
microSDSFSD016GN3BM1TO-E-LF-2B1-STDSwissbit16 GB
microSDSFSD016GN1BM1TO-E-HG-111-STDSwissbit16 GB
microSDSFSD016GN2BM1TO-E-HG-2A1-STDSwissbit16 GB
microSDSFSD016GN3BM1TO-C-HG-2B1-STDSwissbit16 GB
microSDSFSD016GN2BM1TO-E-HG-111-STDSwissbit16 GB
microSDSFSD016GN2BM1TO-E-HG-121-STDSwissbit16 GB
microSDSDC10/16GBSPKingston Technology16 GB
microSDSDC4/16GBKingston Technology16 GB
microSDSDC10/16GBKingston Technology16 GB
microSDSDC4/16GBSPKingston Technology16 GB
microSDSDCS/16GBSPKingston Technology16 GB
microSDSDSDQEB-032GSanDisk32 GB
microSDSDSQUNC-032G-AN6MASanDisk32 GB
microSDSDSDQAF3-032G-ISanDisk32 GB
microSDSDSDQAD-032GSanDisk32 GB
microSDSDSDQAB-032G-1SanDisk32 GB
microSDSDSDQAE-032GSanDisk32 GB
microSDSDSDQAB-032G-KSanDisk32 GB
microSDSDSDQAF-032G-859SanDisk32 GB
microSDSDSDQAB-032G-JSanDisk32 GB
microSDAP32GMCSH10U1-BApacer32 GB
microSDAP32GMCSH4-BApacer32 GB
microSDAP-MSD32GCA-1GTMApacer32 GB
microSDAP-MSD32GCA-1HTMApacer32 GB
microSDAP-MSD32GCA-2FTMApacer32 GB
microSDAP-MSD32GCA-1ATMApacer32 GB
microSDAP-MSD32GCA-1FTMApacer32 GB
microSDSFSD032GN3BM1TO-E-HG-2D1-STDSwissbit32 GB
microSDSFSD032GN3BM1TO-E-HG-2B1-STDSwissbit32 GB
microSDSDC10/32GBKingston Technology32 GB
microSDSDCE/32GBKingston Technology32 GB
microSDSDCS/32GBSPKingston Technology32 GB

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