Industrial microSD uSD Memory Cards

Industrial microSD Memory Cards

The Delkin Industrial microSD Memory Card is a high-endurance NAND flash storage solution for industrial applications that utilizes the Secure Digital interface.  Delkin offers industrial-grade high endurance SLC NAND flash solutions in the U300 Series, U331 Series, and U331A Series, and Commercial cost-effective MLC NAND flash versions in the Utility and Utility+ Series.  Every Delkin Industrial microSD card features a controlled Bill of Materials (BOM), Life Cycle Management, outstanding applications support, and strictly adheres to the specifications set forth by the Secure Digital Association.

While microSD cards primarily began in 1999 as a storage medium for portable consumer devices like mobile phones, GPS systems, and dash cameras, key characteristics such as small size, low power consumption, high reliability, and simplicity of integration also make the form factor an ideal fit for many industrial applications with constrained real estate.

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 Industrial microSDUtility microSD
Series AvailableU300
Capacities Available128MB – 16GB4GB – 64GB
Flash TypeSingle Level Cell (SLC)Multi Level Cell (MLC)
Speed RatingSD 3.0, Class 10, UHS-ISD 3.0, Class 10, UHS-I
Operating Temp-40 to 85 ⁰ CUtility -25 to 85 ⁰ C
Utility+ -40 to 85 ⁰ C
Read Speed24MB/s95MB/s
Write Speed20MB/s90MB/s
Data Retention10 Years5 Years
MTBF (hours)> 2 million hours (0 to +25 ⁰ C)> 3 million hours (0 to 30 ⁰ C)
SMART Featureyesyes

Industrial microSD Format & Host Compatibility

Delkin Industrial microSD Memory Cards are available across an array of capacities, as small as 128MB and as large as 64GB.  The micro Secure Digital (microSD) format, introduced in 2005, includes all capacities up to 2GB in size, and is forwards compatible with SD, SDHC, and SDXC formatted host devices. The micro Secure Digital High Capacity (microSDHC) format, also introduced in 2005, includes capacities from 4GB through 32GB, and is forwards compatible with SDHC and SDXC formatted host devices. The micro Secure Digital Extended Capacity (microSDXC) format, introduced in 20011, includes capacities from 64GB through 2TB and can only be used in SDXC formatted host devices.

Industrial microSD Formats & Marking Guide

CapacityUp to 2GB4GB through 32GB64GB through 2TB
File SystemFAT 16FAT 32exFAT
Bus Speed InterfaceNormal Speed (NS)Normal Speed (NS)Normal Speed (NS)
High Speed (HS)High Speed (HS)High Speed (HS)
Speed Class Marking RequirementsSpeed Class Marking is OptionalNS & HS Mode, Speed Class Marking is MandatoryNS & HS Mode, Speed Class Marking is Mandatory
UHS-I Mode, Speed Class Marking is OptionalUHS-I Mode, Speed Class Marking is Optional

Industrial microSD Host Compatibility Quick Reference

Host DeviceCompatible microSD CardsCapacity Options
microSDmicroSDUp to 2GB

Industrial microSD Speed Classes & Bus Interface

Delkin Industrial microSD Memory cards are classified as Normal Speed, High Speed, or Ultra High Speed (UHS-I or UHS-II). These classifications are differentiated by the Bus Speed of each card, with indicates the maximum theoretical read and write speed capability. Similarly, each card has a speed class that is designated by the SD Association, which is based on the minimum sequential write speed that the card performs at. While theoretical speeds can be quite high, actual card speeds are usually lower and vary by card configuration, the operation being performed, how the data on the card is organized, and the host device.

Industrial microSD Bus Speed Interface

Bus InterfaceCard FormatBus MarkingTheoretical Bus SpeedSpec Version
Normal SpeedmicroSDn/a12.5MB/s1.01
High SpeedmicroSDn/a25MB/s2
Ultra High Speed UHS-ImicroSDHCUHS-I-BusMark50MB/s (SDR50, DDR50)3.01
microSDXC104MB/s (SDR104)
Ultra High Speed UHS-IImicroSDHC156MB/s4

Industrial microSD Speed Classes

Minimum Sequential Write SpeedSpeed ClassUHS Speed ClassVideo Speed ClassCorresponding Video Format
90MB/sn/an/aV908K Video
60MB/sn/an/aV608K Video
4K Video
30MB/sn/aU3V308K Video
4K Video
HD Video
10MB/sClass 10U1V104K Video
HD Video
Standard Video
6MB/sClass 6n/aV64K Video
HD Video
Standard Video
4MB/sClass 4n/an/aHD Video
Standard Video
2MB/sClass 2n/an/aStandard Video

Industrial microSD Customization Options

Delkin Industrial SD Memory Cards can be customized to suit your application or host specific parameters. Requests for custom laser etching, pad printing, packaging, data loading, unique formatting, additional testing, special screening, and more can be easily accommodated.

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