M.2 was intended to be a replacement for the mSATA standard as a computer storage medium. M.2 is a very flexible form factor, with a variety of physical sizes, interfaces and flash types to adapt to a wide range of storage applications.

The Delkin Industrial M.2 SSD delivers outstanding performance in a small, industry standard form factor and includes many features to improve flash management and SMART data retrieval.  The design optimizes data retention and flash endurance.

Industrial Grade M.2 have higher endurance, higher temperature range, more longevity and are built using a controlled BOM and life cycle management plan.


Different Physical Form Factors

An M.2 2280 is 22mm wide and 80mm long.  Common lengths include 22mmx30mm (M.2 2230), 22mmx42mm (M.2 2242), 22mmx60mm (M.2 2260) and 22mmx110mm (M.2 22110).  Typically host size constraints will dictate which Industrial M.2 is the best choice.

The M.2 connector key notches designate various purposes and capabilities of both M.2 hosts and devices. Download data sheets for more information on the key connectors offered.


Series AvailableH300Utility+
Capacities Available
Flash Type
Single Level Cell (SLC)
Industrial 3D
Operating Temp
-40 to 85 ⁰ C
-40 to 85 ⁰ C
Read Speed
up to 260 MB/s
up to 2450 MB/s
Write Speed
up to 115 MB/s
up to 1900 MB/s


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As the Industrial M.2 market continues to develop, Delkin is expanding its product offering to meet the needs of our customers.  If you have any requirements for Industrial or Rugged M.2, please contact Delkin.

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