Industrial CF Memory Cards

Delkin Industrial CF (CompactFlash) Memory Cards include the C400 Series, the C500 Series, the C600 series, the C670 series, and the C670A series, making it the widest range of Industrial CompactFlash memory cards offered in the market. All of these series feature high endurance SLC Single Level Cell NAND Flash.  All five series feature a controlled BOM (Bill of Materials) that guarantees that the flash, firmware, and controller do not change without a corresponding part number change.

Options for customization are available for all five series of Delkin Industrial CF Memory Cards, including custom labeling, content and image loading, serialization, conformal coating, customized shock and vibration testing per your host application, or mechanical adaptations to mitigate severe environmental conditions.

We look forward to hearing about your Industrial CompactFlash storage needs and finding a perfect solution that tailors to your application. Contact us to learn more or request engineering sample.

Delkin is a member of the CFA CompactFlash Association and is proud to design and build Industrial CompactFlash Memory cards to CFA industry standards in Poway, California, USA. CompactFlash cards are based on the PATA Parallel ATA interface, and have been favored in industrial applications since their introduction in 1994 for their robustness, small size, and ease of integration. Industrial CompactFlash Memory Cards are commonly used in industrial applications as a boot drive with an OS image load, or for critical data logging.

Delkin Industrial CompactFlash Memory Cards

C400 Series CF


C500 Series CF


C600 Series CF


C670 / C670A Series CF

Capacity Availability128MB to 16GB

2GB to 64GB

128MB to 64GB4GB to 64GB
Operating Temp.-40 to 85° C-40 to 85° C-40 to 85° C-40 to 85° C
Read Speed40MB/s60MB/s65MB/s150MB/s
Write Speed30MB/s30MB/s50MB/s135MB/s
MTBF (Hours)> 2 Million> 2 Million> 2 Million> 2 Million
SMART FeatureYesYesYesYes

Industrial CF Storage Solutions

C400 Series CF

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C500 Series CF

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C670 Series CF

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