Delkin Devices Delkin Devices delivers true Industrial grade NAND flash storage products, exclusively through Avnet, with 100% of our products design win eligible. BOM control, life-cycle management, operational agility, product customization and outstanding support, for a broad line of storage form factors and flash types, are all hallmarks of Delkin standard practices. Headquartered in San Diego, CA, Delkin’s USA-based design, manufacturing, support and business teams work collaboratively with our Avnet partners and OEMs, supplying the products and services to ensure long term reliable performance and customer satisfaction.

Delkin Devices microSD/microSDHC


The Delkin Industrial microSD Memory Card is a high-endurance NAND flash storage solution for industrial applications that utilizes the Secure Digital interface. Key characteristics such as small size, low power consumption, high reliability, and simplicity of integration make the form factor an ideal fit for many industrial applications with constrained real estate.

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Industrial microSD

Industrial mSATA SSD

The mSATA (or Mini-SATA) form factor, was first introduced in 2009 by SATA-IO and intended as a new drive format for netbooks, laptops and other slim devices that required solid state storage in a much smaller footprint than a 2.5” SSD. While mSATA began as a commercial form factor, it quickly gained traction for embedded applications, due to its small size, low power consumption, performance, ruggedness and availability in industrial configurations.

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Industrial mSATA SSD

SATA Solid State Drives

Industrial 2.5″ SSD

The 2.5” drive form factor, managed by the SFF-8201 standard and originally named for the size of the rotating disk in the HDD version, remains a popular legacy product due to its mechanical robustness, wide range of available capacities, and ease of integration.

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Industrial 2.5″ SSD

Industrial CompactFlash

Industrial CF

Delkin Industrial CompactFlash Memory Cards include the C400 Series, the C500 Series, C600 Series, and the C670/ C670A series, making it the widest range of Industrial CompactFlash memory cards offered in the market. These series feature high endurance SLC Single Level Cell NAND Flash.

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Industrial CF

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