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Your MLC MicroSD FAQs, Answered

S316APG49-U3000-3 - SD - microSD - 16GB - MLC


Whether you’re searching for a reliable and high-quality flash storage solution for a commercial or industrial application, MLC microSD cards are an excellent option. These tiny flash technology cards are about a sixth of the size of their standard SD counterparts, but they pack a lot of power and remain durable and reliable nonetheless. Here, we’ve answered your biggest questions concerning the small flash storage type.


What Are MLC MicroSD Cards?

MLC microSD cards offer convenient and reliable flash storage solutions for both rugged industrial embedded OEM applications and consumer devices. MLC is one of several types of NAND flash memory, while microSD cards are the smallest version of secure digital (SD) cards. Together, they offer a dynamic combination of reliable and consistent non-volatile embedded memory that can read and write operations through electric charges along with memory cards that have been approved by the Secure Digital Association.


How Does MLC Differ From SLC and TLC NAND Flash Memory?

Single-layer cell (SLC), multi-layer cell (MLC), and triple-layer cell (TLC) comprise the NAND non-volatile flash memory family. SLC flash memory features high endurance, but a low memory capacity that can hold up to one bit of information per cell. Meanwhile, MLC flash storage can hold up to two bits per cell, and TLC can hold three bits, making it the best NAND storage type to hold flash memory, but sacrificing on its performance and endurance standards. So, MLC offers a convenient halfway point that effectively balances both performance and storage capacity.


What Are the Benefits of MLC MicroSD Cards?

While typical microSD cards are a better fit for consumer technology, microSD cards with MLC flash storage integrated into their design can meet the functional requirements of rugged industrial applications. Industrial-grade applications get pushed to the limit, and an industrial-grade microSD card can withstand the extreme temperatures, shock, and vibrations that its conditions introduce.


How Do You Know If MLC MicroSD Cards Are the Best Fit for Your Commercial or Industrial Embedded OEM Application?

If you’re seeking an affordable yet powerful flash storage solution that can easily fit into small devices without limiting endurance and reliability, MLC microSD cards could very well be the answer for you.


MLC flash storage is best used with consumer applications that don’t demand long-term dependability. Such examples include USB flash drives and compact media cards. However, small industrial-grade OEM applications, like industrial dashboard cameras, can also benefit from MLC microSD storage.


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