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What You Need to Know about Industrial USB Modules

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USBs are easily the most recognized and identifiable type of flash memory available. Their wide availability and frequent use in the consumer market have led some industrial OEMs and engineers to believe that USB modules are not suitable for the industrial marketplace. In reality, industrial USB modules are numerous and meet the exacting standards required of flash memory used in rugged operating conditions. Thanks to Delkin’s selection of USB modules and customization options for flash storage, it is possible to get the exact flash design you need for your industrial application in USB format. Here is what you need to know about industrial USB modules.


USB Modules 101

Industrial USB flash drives are available in internal and external designs. Internal, embedded USB flash modules are also called eUSB drives. They are popular in industrial applications that require a small, but powerful, form of embedded memory. These USB drives work with virtually every processor. Plus, they are small enough to fit even if the device is too small for a traditional SSD.


External USB flash modules are ideal for applications that need portable storage which meets industrial standards. Industrial USB modules are much different from the more known commercial and consumer USBs. As such, OEMs don’t have to worry about losing industrial grade functionality in order to get the portability of a USB.


Industrial Performance in a USB

Industrial USBs are designed with single-level cell, or SLC, flash memory. This is the most secure form of flash memory available and is the gold standard for industrial storage. Because SLC flash memory only stores a single bit of data on each cell, it is also the fastest flash memory design and has the longest lifespan; this is a boon for industrial users who don’t want to deal with frequent storage requalification tests.


Industrial USB flash modules also have the same extended temperature range you can find in other forms of industrial memory. They tolerate temperatures ranging from -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C.


When you choose industrial USB flash storage from Delkin, you also get a locked bill of materials, or BOM. This means that none of the critical components of the flash will be changed without advanced warning and a new product number. This protection drastically reduces the risk of unanticipated device failures caused by compatibility issues.


USB Flash Module Customizations

Delkin offers a long list of customizations for USB customers. We can provide custom formatting and configurations to ensure your flash memory works as efficiently as possible with your device. We can also create customized packaging, serialized numbers, USB drive labels, and customized print pads—to name just some of the options available to our customers. Our team is available to discuss your needs for customized USB flash modules and help you find the right solutions for your device.


Talk to Delkin today about industrial USB modules. We can help you determine if this convenient form of flash memory is right for your application. Contact us now to get answers to your questions about industrial storage solutions.


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