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External USB drives are perhaps the most widely recognized form of flash storage available. They have been ubiquitous since their introduction in 1999. Nearly every adult today has used a USB drive at some point in their lives. In fact, because USBs are so frequently used by consumers, it is easy to overlook how valuable they can be for industrial applications. The right USB removable flash memory device can allow you to get all of the benefits of data portability with the security you require in an industrial setting. If you’re looking for removable flash memory for an industrial application, here is what you need to know about choosing the right USB drive.


USB Flash Drive Basics

When most people think of industrial grade flash memory options, they think of embedded storage. However, it is common for users with the need for industrial-level security to require some degree of portability. USB flash drives can fulfill both these needs.


Because the typical use of USB drives that most people are familiar with is the storage of noncritical data, OEMs might initially rule out USBs as an option. In reality, USBs that are designed for industrial use bear little resemblance to traditional flash drives, aside from their external appearance. Internally, industrial USB removable flash memory meets the same specifications you would expect from any form of industrial storage. Additionally, it is important to note that USB removable flash memory that is designed for industrial use is comparable to embedded USB memory. The removability factor does not diminish the industrial capabilities.


Choosing the Right Flash Drive

The key to using USB removable flash memory for industrial applications is being mindful of the flash design. SLC flash memory, which is the kind that is typically used for embedded, industrial memory, is also used for industrial USB removable flash memory drives. SLC flash memory is designed to only store one bit of data per cell. This drastically reduces the risk of data loss during programming. SLC flash memory can also withstand exacting operating conditions, including extreme temperatures, shock, and vibration. Plus, it has the longest lifespan of any kind of flash memory.


SLC flash memory does have a relatively low limit in terms of storage capacity. This is due to the single-bit-of-data-per-cell storage design. For industrial users who need portable memory that is also high capacity, MLC flash memory may be an option. Some MLC flash USBs are designed to meet industrial requirements while offering larger capacities.


As with all forms of industrial memory from Delkin, USB removal flash memory comes with a locked BOM, or bill of materials. This ensures that users can feel secure in the knowledge that no critical components of the drive, including the controller, will be changed without advance notice and a new product number. This feature is key to avoiding unanticipated combability issues that could lead to costly failures.


USB Removable Flash Memory Customizations

An enduringly popular feature of removable USB flash drives is the ability to customize them. OEMs will be interested to know that the customization features they expect with this kind of portable flash are all available for industrial-level products. These include customizations such as branding and logo placement, serialization and customized numbering, custom packaging, and conformal coating.


Custom testing is also possible through Delkin. If you need testing that is specific to your application and assistance in choosing the right level of capacity or type of flash for your USB drive, the Delkin team can assist you with this process.


Get the convenience of USB removable flash memory for your industrial application by working with Delkin. Our team is available today to assist you in getting the right kind of storage for your specific needs. Contact us now for more information.


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