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Understanding Power Failures in Flash Storage


The Cost of Power Failures 

For industrial applications, the cost of power failures can be enormous. During power failures, devices stop working completely, causing everything from manufacturing delays when automated systems break down to medical emergencies when equipment falters. Industrial developers of devices that use flash storage focus on reducing power failures and minimizing their impacts when they do occur. It is not possible to completely prevent the risk of a power failure occurring, but there are many different strategies engineers and designers can use to cut down on the likelihood of this problem. Here is what you need to know about power failures in flash storage and the role of industrial-grade memory in data protection.


SLC Flash Storage and Industrial Applications

For industrial applications, SLC flash storage offers protection from power failures in three significant ways. First, it is capable of withstanding the operating environments in which many industrial applications are used, including those with extreme temperatures and high levels of shock and vibration.


Because the power demand of the flash storage itself can contribute to power fails, it is important to consider the power needs of the embedded memory you are choosing. SLC flash storage has the lowest power needs of all formats of flash memory, making it an ideal option for industrial applications.


Lastly, the design of SLC flash memory also helps to reduce the changes of data loss associated with power failures. With SLC flash memory, only one bit of data is stored in each program cycle. There are fewer opportunities for data loss or corruption if a power failure does occur.


At Delkin, we understand the need for reliable flash storage with minimal risk of power fails in industrial applications, and our team can help you find rugged, embedded storage to meet your specific needs. Our industrial flash storage is also available with internal power monitoring systems, which can alert you to a problem before significant disruptions occur. Contact us today to learn more.


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