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Industrial Flash Storage in Transportation Applications

Many modes of transportation including motor vehicles, trains, and aircraft use industrial flash storage for host mission critical data storage functions in various transportation applications. Due to the varying nature of these transportation platforms, technology is designed to execute specific roles and address special concerns. However, a common requirement found in all transportation technology systems is the need to reliably store operational, navigational, and system performance data. The rugged reliability of Delkin Devices Industrial Flash Storage can address these needs across various transportation systems and vehicle types.


Considerations for Transportation Applications

What are the considerations in using industrial flash storage in transportation applications?  While the applications and environments vary, answering a few key questions can go a long way in solidifying the best industrial flash storage provider and solution. Here are the top three considerations to focus on when evaluating industrial flash storage for transportation applications:


  • What is the supply chain model for ensuring continuity of supply and longevity of supply?   True industrial storage is underpinned by a robust supply chain that is buffered from the volatility of mainstream consumer or commercial grade solution supply chains.  This does not mean short lead times or unlimited upside but rather a consistent set of forecast and lead time parameters that ensure reliable supply and delivery over and over.  There should be no surprises or big swings in operational execution from an industrial storage supply chain that is ‘boring’ in meeting commitments 100% of the time.  This also means a long product life cycle with stringent communication and notification parameters on changes.  Typically, a true industrial storage solution will have a 3-5 year life cycle with a 6-12 month notification window for end of life.


  • What are the key host environmental requirements?  True industrial storage provides many options for operating under extreme physical conditions to include but not limited to operating and storage temperature, shock and vibration,  radiated emissions and unreliable power sources or systems.  Delkin offers a full range of configurations to address all environments.  We leverage mechanical design, enhanced components, optimized firmware and customized test processes to define and provide the solution needed.  A one size fits all approach does not work with the diversity of environments transportation applications generate.


  • What are the specific application and workload requirements?  Understanding the actual storage interface level application requirements is key to optimizing performance, storage cell endurance and long-term data retention of the solution.  The translation of the host application and file system to what is happening at the storage interface is important in selecting the flash architecture and associated firmware optimization for meeting storage performance and longevity expectations from the host.   In most cases, single purpose or specialized hosts create unique workloads where again a one size fits all approach does not work.


Delkin Devices is the leading manufacturer of rugged, controlled industrial flash storage solutions tailored to the needs of the transportation industry. If you would like to discuss custom data storage options for your transportation application, a Delkin Devices Industrial Flash Storage Expert is happy to provide a free consultation and provide sample options.


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