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Top Benefits of Industrial Flash Storage for Transportation Applications


What Are the Top Reasons to Use Industrial Flash Storage to Power Transportation Applications?


Due to the demanding nature of the transportation industry, standard storage solutions aren’t enough to ensure the safety of the critical data that manufacturers and their customers rely on. All modes of transportation, including vehicles, airplanes, and trains, depend on flash storage to enhance the travel experience, provide navigation, offer system performance data, and boost the safety of their passengers. That’s why it’s essential for manufacturers to select a flash storage solution engineered to withstand the rigorous environments found in these rugged and industrial settings.


At Delkin Devices, we provide state-of-the-art flash memory and storage solutions for rugged industrial use as needed in various industries, including transportation. Our USA-designed products are custom engineered to fit the needs of each unique transportation system and vehicle type. Security and safety are essential not only to provide a quality ride, but also to protect the lives of passengers. Select flash storage that optimizes the processing and storage of critical data while eliminating the risk of data loss. Our storage solutions feature longer lifecycles and are able to withstand the extreme temperatures transportation can be exposed to in order to ensure peak performance without the threat of losing critical data.


How Does Industrial Flash Storage Enhance Security Data?

Security is key in the transportation industry. It’s not only helpful but crucial to transport passengers and goods efficiently and safely. To do so, it’s now common to find transportation applications utilizing security that provides data recording and retention, in addition to GPS monitoring technology. These features store their data with industrial flash to secure optimal performance and security.


In addition to offering a comfortable and technologically optimized ride, vessels like vehicles, planes, and trains need industrial-grade flash storage to detect security breaches thanks to their cutting-edge security installation systems. It’s important not only to have the right technology to sense breaches, but also to store them for later review by authority figures in the event they occur. For legal measures and safety precautions, having flash storage that provides accurate and quality data retention is key. At Delkin, we provide customized storage solutions to meet the requirements that varying transportation applications need.


Why Is Industrial Flash Storage Important for Storing Scheduling Data?

In the modern digital age, storing transportation scheduling manually is all but obsolete. Now, instead, scheduling data is conveniently stored in industrial flash storage devices that are embedded in navigational systems. These feature sophisticated settings like altitude, GPS, temperature, audio data, and more.


Thanks to the precise nature of these scheduling management systems, transportation vessels and the systems organizing them can now operate at maximum capacity. This type of efficiency saves time, money, and fuel, and can only be achieved through the use of high-quality and reliable industrial flash storage.


Why Choose Industrial Flash Storage?

There are various reasons why transportation applications should opt for industrial flash storage. To start, industrial-grade storage operates on single-level cell (SLC) NAND flash technology that’s designed to handle the demanding requirements of the transportation industry with the highest level of reliability and endurance. For industrial applications like those found in transportation, flash endurance refers to how many times specific segments of data can be written in one life cycle.


Other key benefits of industrial flash storage include the firmware algorithm, the controller, and the locked Bill of Materials (BOM) that guarantees the product’s originality and unique made-to-order parts numbers.


Delkin Devices leads the way in rugged controlled industrial flash storage solutions like those found in the transportation industry. We also provide top-quality client care from our customer applications team to ensure your application’s requirements are met seamlessly. To learn more, contact us today.


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