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The Benefits of Industrial Temperature for Industrial Applications

Temperature Considerations for SSD- Hot Climate


Flash storage solutions come in two categories—commercial and industrial. These two product grades are differentiated by one significant factor—their temperature range. While commercial devices can operate at moderate temperatures between 0 and 70° Celsius, industrial temperature requirements run much higher and lower, at -40 to 85° Celsius. So, the embedded flash storage for industrial applications must be able to function through extreme heat and cold without risk of system crashes, data loss, or other failures.


About Industrial Temperature Ranges

Unlike standard commercial SSDs, industrial SSDs need to be equipped to handle extreme temperatures because of the nature of the environments they are used in. Particularly in the aerospace, transportation, healthcare, embedded computing, and energy industries, SSDs travel frequently and are exposed to a wide range of environments. It’s key to adapt the industrial applications to these volatile environments to ensure data integrity and adequate life cycles.


Benefits of Using Delkin’s Industrial SSDs

Delkin Devices provides customized industrial temperature solutions for SSDs, SATA, and mSATA SSDs. Our rugged flash storage is designed in the USA with state-of-the-art products that can withstand a temperature range scaling from far below freezing to extremely hot.


Flash Storage That Functions at Peak Performance

When a product is designed to function and be stored at certain ranges of temperature, it will work at its highest capacity. Delkin designs SSDs specifically made for unique industrial temperature needs without a decline in functionality.


Reduced Risk of Failure

When utilizing a commercial-grade SSD for an industrial-grade application, there is an increased chance it will not meet the required specifications as they’re not designed with industrial specs in mind. Therefore, installing industrial-grade flash storage ensures system efficiency without the risk of data loss due to power failures, data corruption, or other unexpected problems.


Longer Life Cycles

Product life cycles dictate how well and how long an industrial-grade SSD device will last. They also ensure data integrity by predicting system performance along the way. With fitting flash storage designed for extreme temperatures in the field, you’ll rest assured your SSD will last longer than frequently replaced storage solutions would. The Delkin support team also helps determine the exact life cycle for your specific device.


Better Data Retention

Industrial-grade flash specifications allow for higher data retention among industrial-grade applications.


Locked Bill of Materials

Industrial SSDs ensure a locked bill of materials, which means that its components will stay the same throughout the time that the product number remains active. This benefits you when a product number is reaching the end of its life cycle and needs to be switched out, so you can place orders and make the appropriate plans to integrate a new one without encountering unexpected challenges.


Customized Rugged Flash Storage Solutions

Because industrial SSDs have highly specific requirements depending on each unique application, Delkin provides personal assistance to craft a rugged flash storage solution that suits your specific needs.


For further information on Delkin’s industrial flash storage and its subsequent temperature ranges, contact our knowledgeable customer support team.


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