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The Answers to Common Questions About Flash-Based Memory


At Delkin Devices, our experts design and manufacture state-of-the-art data storage options, including flash-based memory. This cutting-edge industrial flash storage technology allows companies across all types of industries—from aerospace to healthcare to manufacturing—to perform their operations more reliably and quickly. This translates to higher revenue and greater customer satisfaction, while providing greater data integrity with minimal risk of data loss.


What exactly is flash-based memory?

Flash-based memory is also referred to as “flash storage.” This type of data storage refers to high-speed, electronically programmed storage cards that process data quite literally in a flash. The non-volatile data option runs without power. This means that in the event of a crash or system shutdown, the data won’t be lost or compromised.


At Delkin, we offer flash storage of various interfaces with controlled BOMs for consistent host compatibility:


  • SD – The secure digital memory card (SD) originated for consumer electronics use, but rapidly developed into an option for industrial applications thanks to its simple integration, low power consumption, excellent reliability, and compact size.
  • USB – Delkin’s USB drives support bigger and faster hosts with a variety of flash, capacity, and form factor options to meet the needs of clients across various industries.
  • SSD – Solid-state drives (SSDs) are a small, yet mechanically robust and rugged storage option for commercial form factors and other embedded applications. This internally mounted, flash-based memory card comes in a wide range of capacities with easy integration and high-speed performance.
  • MMC – Multi-media card (MMC) flash-based storage technology boasts industrial-grade durability, enhanced security, and performance at an extended temperature range all within a reasonable price point. Delkin offers several different capacities that are compliant with a wide selection of standards.
  • CF – CompactFlash (CF) offers high-speed, removable storage with simple integration and robust operations. Delkin features several selections of the compact, rugged storage device.
  • CFexpress – Industrial Cfexpress is the latest generation of removable storage that is suitable for applications with large, fast hosts. It allows for high-speed recording and high resolution files.


What are the different types of flash-based memory?

Flash memory comes in an array of different types to suit the needs of a wide range of clients. There are two main types of flash storage options: NOR and NAND. The former uses no shared components, featuring the ability to connect to individual memory cells and thus allowing random data access. Meanwhile, the latter is more compact and connects floating gate transistors for greater storage density.


NAND comes in three categories: triple-level cell (TLC), multi-level cell (MLC), and single-level cell (SLC). TLC provides three or more data bits of storage per cell, and is found in most consumer devices. MLC instead features two bits of stored data per cell and is better suited for commercial devices and a select few industrial appliances. Finally, SLC is a NAND type that stores only one data bit per cell, making it the most reliable of the three. This dependable flash memory option can be found in industrial applications.


Why work with Delkin?

Delkin doesn’t only provide modern, USA-built technology for OEM customers. We also offer high-quality customer service at as high a standard as our world-class products. If you choose one of these flash-based memory storage options, you’ll also be getting first-rate assistance. From product walk-throughs to design verification testing and customized storage solutions, the Delkin team is here for all your flash storage needs.


At Delkin, we know that standard form factors don’t fit every mold, which is why we proudly offer customized flash memory storage to meet the unique demands of businesses, with dependable performance and high life cycles at the forefront of our services.


Creating durable, high-quality, and reliable products remains at the forefront of our priorities. To learn more about Delkin Devices and our leading flash memory storage systems, contact us today.


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