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Technical Success Story: Benefits of 3D NAND


Flash memory and solid state drives (SSDs), especially 3D NAND, have revolutionized the technology industry and changed the way that devices—from industrial applications to consumer products—are designed. However, there is a challenge with SSDs: storage capacity. Designers moved to SSDs because of the benefits they present over hard disk drives, or HDDs. With SSDs, because there are no moving parts, the drives are less prone to failures caused by mechanical malfunctions. They are also faster, since they don’t have a spinning disk to fire into action every time an operation is performed, as is the case with HDDs.


For customers in need of industrial flash memory with large storage capacities, getting both reliability and adequate capacity could present a tough challenge. Switching to an HDD is not a good option, particularly because of the likelihood of a failure. However, restricted capacity is a significant concern, especially when it is not possible to add additional flash drives or make flash memory devices larger to allow for more capacity. After all, devices are getting smaller, with a push for more capacity and more power in smaller storage solutions. Fortunately, an answer is available that is appropriate for many customers: 3D NAND.


Customer Storage

A Delkin customer was bringing a new device to the industrial market, but had lingering concerns about the storage capacity. They felt that they were cutting corners on the amount of capacity that they would ideally like the embedded flash memory to have. However, because the device was for industrial use, they couldn’t take chances with lower grade flash simply to boost capacity. They also couldn’t consider any embedded flash memory options that were larger in size, because of the small size of the device.


Additionally, the customer was right where they needed to be with their budget. They turned to Delkin’s technical team as they were in the home stretch of their design. They wanted to find out if there were any options they were overlooking to increase the storage capacity of their device without compromising the other factors that mattered to them, like reliability, longevity, and budget.


Delkin Discovery

With 31 years in the technology field and as a leader in the embedded storage marketplace, Delkin brings decades of knowledge and experience to the table when helping each customer find the right storage solution for their needs and budget. When examining this customer’s device, it became apparent that they were right on the line with what was necessary for storage, based on how they planned to use the device.


Similarly, our team agreed with the customer’s assessment that they couldn’t risk reliability and longevity in order to get flash memory with a higher capacity. For industrial applications, it is critical to have the longest lifespan possible, because failures in the field are so disruptive and costly. This is the same across the entire industrial market. After all, having memory fail in a healthcare device, like a pacemaker, or in a transportation device, such as an airplane component, is not just costly for the company using the device—it can also be dangerous.


Fortunately, thanks to Delkin’s place on the cutting edge of embedded storage, our team was able to offer the customer a solution: 3D NAND flash memory.


Delkin Solution

In this instance, Delkin recommended that the customer change from 2D NAND flash to 3D NAND. The customer was pleased to discover that they could solve their storage concerns and now ensure that their device had more storage capacity than it would likely ever need, without compromising the longevity or reliability of the device. They were even more surprised to find that they could do so without going over budget or reconsidering their price point.


After customized testing, Delkin’s team was able to confirm for the customer that 3D NAND would deliver the results that they wanted. The benefits of 3D NAND allowed them to get their product to the market on time and on budget.


Lessons Learned

The market for NAND flash memory is constantly in flux, as demands for capacity and speed increase while devices are getting smaller. When designers and engineers are stuck, it can be helpful to reach out to a company with a long history in the embedded memory field. At Delkin, we’re often able to offer customers a solution that they weren’t aware of, so a consultation with a team member is always a worthwhile part of the design process.


Are you looking for a solution to a flash storage problem that seems impossible to solve? Let Delkin’s customer applications team help. We’ve assisted hundreds of customers over the years with their flash storage challenges, and we’re ready to find an innovative solution for you. Contact us today for more information about the benefits of 3D NAND technology.


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