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Spotlight on Industrial Compact Flash for Building Automation


One of the fastest growing segments of the construction industry is building automation. Automation offers a long list of benefits for building operators, from improved energy efficiency to better security and maintenance. Although building automation is becoming a standard feature in new construction, the benefits are so great that older buildings are increasingly being retrofitted with building automation systems and controls. For building automation applications to be effective, they have to include highly secure and reliable memory systems. That is where industrial Compact Flash (CF) comes into the picture.


Industrial CF is the perfect fit for building automation applications for many different reasons. Fast data speeds, high capacities, and integrated memory controllers are just some of the reasons why building automation systems frequently rely on industrial CF memory.


Understanding Compact Flash for Building Automation

Building automation systems run the gamut from smart HVAC systems to sensor-activated security systems. Much of the excitement about industrial building automation is from green construction engineers who are using automation to reduce the environmental impact of their buildings. Automation can be used to turn the HVAC on and off in response to pre-programmed conditions, design lighting that responds to occupancy, and monitor indoor air quality so that issues that could impact the efficiency of the HVAC system are identified and fixed quickly.


Building automation systems can also monitor building elevators, control smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and activate surveillance video recording in response to movement. Building operators can determine which kinds of automation will be best suited to their needs, whether they want a simple system that automates the HVAC or a comprehensive smart system for all of the building’s components.


Industrial CF for Building Automation

For building automation applications, industrial Compact Flash memory is the gold standard. Industrial CF has features that are particularly important for building automation systems. One such feature is an extended temperature range of -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C. Because so many building automation systems are used in conditions where temperature extremes are possible, this is a critical feature.


Another important feature of industrial CF is increased tolerance for shock and vibration. This type of memory also offers the highest available level of data security, thanks to its SLC, or single-level cell, flash design. With SLC flash, only one bit of data is stored per cell. CF cards also have integrated safety features with the ability to create different levels of authentication and password protection.


Building automation designers and OEMs often need memory with low power consumption. This is yet another feature that industrial CF delivers, along with power and voltage anomaly protection.


Customizations and Industrial Features for CF Cards for Building Automation

When you order industrial CF cards for building automation, Delkin understands that you may need customizations to get the best functionality possible. We offer a variety of options for customizing conformal coating, logos, sequencing, and much more. We can also offer customized testing and qualification to ensure you are getting the best possible fit for your application.


In addition, Delkin provides a locked BOM for our industrial CF cards. With a locked BOM, we won’t make any changes to the controller, firmware, flash, or other critical components without first notifying customers of the change and then issuing a new product number. Widespread device failures are often tied to compatibility issues that occur after a component is changed. These failures then lead to costly downtime. A locked BOM helps our customers avoid these types of complications.


Harness the benefits of building automation with industrial Compact Flash cards from Delkin. Contact our Customer Applications team today to discuss your industrial storage needs. Our team is ready to help you find the best rugged memory solutions for your devices.


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