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Product Life Cycle Management FAQs

Delkin Industrial Application Lifecycle Management


When it comes to flash storage, developing a world-class application isn’t enough. Life cycle management is what ultimately makes your device sustainable and reliable over time. Delkin’s USA-designed industrial flash storage solutions for embedded applications serve OEM requirements across all industries, and better yet, we provide customer support for our industrial applications to ensure you receive the highest quality experience.


What is product life cycle management?

Product life cycle management (PLM) refers to the maintenance of product performance over time. Every product ultimately launches, peaks, and is eventually removed from the market at some point in time. Through life cycle management, we can accurately predict a timeline so that you can prepare to replace your flash storage accordingly.


In addition to anticipating the life cycle of the embedded storage solution, the product life cycle management process also includes testing to guarantee reliability throughout its duration. Delkin offers highly accelerated life testing (HALT) with protocol analyzers and design engineer software through a series of cutting-edge examinations to promise functionality and secure data integrity.


Above all, product management in the technology industry is necessary to determine when a device design needs reconfiguration or if key components must be changed, and to subsequently facilitate a smooth transition without unforeseen disruptions.


What are the stages of life cycle management?

Product life cycle management consists of five critical stages that thoroughly follow a product from conceptualization to its inevitable retirement. These steps include:


1-Conception and Design

In this initial stage, a product is meticulously envisioned and designed in accordance with demand and popularity with high-functioning capacity and successful life cycles in mind.



During development, a product—in our case, modernized flash memory and storage SSD applications—are physically crafted and, through design verification testing (DVF), becomes fully ready to release to the market.


3-Production and Launch

The production and launch part of a product life cycle shifts the attention from its technical aspects to the business end, involving stakeholders to support its initiatives and ultimately introduce it to the broader public.


4-Monitoring and Controlling

Once set on the market and sold, products are tracked through ongoing reliability testing (ORT) to maintain the high performance they set out to provide.



Once a product has reached the end of its life cycle, it can be swapped out for a replacement while sustaining total data integrity.


Is product life cycle management standard?

Product life cycle management isn’t a built-in component of industrial storage applications. Manufacturers frequently don’t include the service when selling to industrial consumers. Actually, when it comes to commercial-grade products, the quality of core components like controllers and firmware is often compromised for the sake of lower price points. This can shorten life cycles drastically or cause premature device failures.


Why work with Delkin?

Delkin is committed to providing consistent data integrity and excellent customized care, which is why we offer life cycle management for all our industrial storage devices. Furthermore, we provide detailed technical advice when launching an application and conduct frequent testing to ensure 100% dependability for your SSDs.


To learn more about our state-of-the-art products or first-rate technical support, reach out to us by phone or our online contact form and we’ll respond to you promptly.


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