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OEMs, or original equipment manufacturers, design various applications that are central to the industrial market. Without the contributions of OEM solutions, applications and devices would be harder to develop and harder to maintain. However, successful OEM sales require more than just fulfilling a need. To really succeed in the marketplace, OEMs need to source high-quality products and work closely with a manufacturer that they trust so that they can in turn pass on quality goods to their customers. Delkin has a unique insight into the OEM market and what OEMs need to keep their sales high. We’re committed to working closely with each of our customers to ensure they have products they can feel confident in delivering to their own customers. Here is a closer look at our OEM solutions.


Delkin & OEMs


At Delkin, OEMs come to us looking for the best options for embedded storage for industrial applications. We provide the storage products, and OEMs incorporate those Flash storage devices into their manufactured applications.


How does Delkin support OEM solutions?

What is the most important part of achieving high levels of OEM sales? OEMs have to provide their customers with quality, reliable products that are customized to meet their needs. OEMs also need products that are already branded with their own logos, so that they can streamline the delivery process. Delkin supports these needs with a number of OEM solutions, such as:


  • A variety of embedded storage options for industrial applications that fit different device and application designs and sizes
  • Many capacity options with extended temperature ranges
  • Customization options like custom testing, logo and label printing, and numbering
  • Options to include features like conformal coating for specialized needs
  • Extended lifecycle management
  • A locked bill of materials, or BOM, so OEMs know that they won’t be passing on compatibility issues to their customers because of changes to critical flash components


With Delkin’s comprehensive selection of embedded storage options, OEMs know that they can trust Delkin to meet their complex needs and provide them with the right storage solutions to pass on to their own customers. Starting with a great product is essential for OEM sales success.


What can OEMs expect from Delkin’s customer service?

Our superior customer service is what makes so many OEMs work with Delkin. Our skilled team is committed to working with each and every OEM to provide personalized service and customized solutions at every stage. You can expect Delkin to work closely with your team to choose the right customizations, apply customized testing to ensure that the products you’re going to supply to your customers are designed for optimal performance in their applications, and guide you through the process of transitioning to new embedded storage options when the time comes. All of this work is dedicated to ensuring OEM sales success.


If you’re an OEM looking for a manufacturing partner who can support your sales goals, contact Delkin. Our team is ready to listen to your concerns, help you find the right embedded storage options, and provide the best OEM solutions for your needs. Contact us today for more information.


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