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Modernize Your Healthcare Data Storage with Industrial Flash


The healthcare community relies heavily on tech for daily functions, from reading test results to processing x-rays and MRIs, and much more. To maintain relevance and efficiency in a continually evolving industry, it’s vital to stay on the cutting-edge of technological advancements.


For reliable high-speed data storage, consider switching to flash, which offers improved performance across the spectrum. Delkin offers affordable and versatile industrial and OEM products, including flash storage solutions, to support your healthcare business by facilitating daily operations and safeguarding sensitive data.


A Look at Flash Storage for Healthcare

Flash storage offers considerable promise for the healthcare field. Its rapid write and read speeds unlock new potential in healthcare. With flash, end users can enjoy fast and dependable data storage and retrieval, thereby streamlining productivity while protecting the sensitive data of patients.


In comparison to traditional spinning disks, flash memory offers results at a higher speed while concurrently consuming less power. (An average HDD takes 15 seconds or more to process an MRI of 1.8 GB. Flash technology would enable that same medical image to be viewed in 0.15 seconds.) Even better yet, fiscal and clinical reports that used to take hours to process can now be completed in just five to 10 minutes.


Technology is always advancing, and so is flash. Soon, nonvolatile memory express (NVMe) will further minimize performance delays. Additionally, its virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) will allow clinicians to easily access their desktop apps from any server in the network. NVMe will speed up the VDIs while providing a greater memory limit, allowing for more sessions to run simultaneously on one server.


The Benefits of Flash Storage in the Medical Industry

With flash storage, healthcare companies can build a strong foundation that serves as the building block for the rest of their service and infrastructure. Benefiting both the business and the patients, flash offers revolutionary searching and processing capabilities, despite the greater demand for data storage exerted by IoT, which is becoming increasingly widespread in the healthcare field.


  1. Improved Security

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) demands secured systems that prevent unauthorized access. Delkin’s flash storage provides the medical community with built-in encryption that protects the integrity of sensitive data.


  1. High Productivity

With flash, nurses and doctors can operate with greater speed, making it possible to enhance productivity and see more patients. For example, clinicians can check for a patient’s medical history and potential drug interaction warnings within moments, resulting in easier execution and the possibility of a greater volume of visits.


  1. Patient Satisfaction

As with any customer service-oriented industry, operating with efficiency is tantamount to providing a positive experience. Now, patients can enjoy a productive and expedient visit that doesn’t compromise on quality.


  1. Greater Memory Capacity

All-flash storage doesn’t just provide secure and high-speed services—it offers a higher volume of memory, as well. Medical images such as MRIs require a substantial amount of space in a medical center’s electronic health records (EHR). Flash introduces a compact database that runs smoothly while allowing for convenient access for doctors and nurses.


  1. Mobile-Friendly Technology

In keeping with its potential to modernize the medical field, flash offers a small footprint that makes it ideal for use in mobile devices. This makes for a comprehensive and organized system for all healthcare centers, but above all for busy locations such as hospital emergency rooms. Furthermore, flash enables faster switching and routing that remains trustworthy and secured.


Work With Delkin

Delkin boasts a successful history of collaborating with healthcare companies to offer flash storage solutions. Our flash storage products are designed and manufactured in the US, and all have a controlled bill of materials for added peace of mind. Contact Delkin today for assistance or to learn more about our state-of-the-art industrial storage solutions.


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