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MLC NAND Flash Datasheet

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For customers looking for industrial storage, SLC and MLC NAND flash are two common considerations. Each form of NAND flash has its own advantages and disadvantages. Although SLC NAND flash is considered to be the most reliable form, its design means that the storage capacity can be limited. MLC NAND flash typically has a shorter lifespan than SLC NAND flash, but it offers the additional storage some industrial customers require. For industrial customers who are considering using this kind of flash, checking the MLC NAND flash datasheet is essential for ensuring that the storage solution under consideration offers the appropriate level of security and functionality.


MLC NAND Flash Basics

MLC stands for multi-level cell. With this kind of NAND flash, two bits of data are stored per cell. Because SLC, or single-level cell, NAND flash only allows one bit of data to be stored per cell, using MLC flash allows for double the storage capacity. The downside is that MLC NAND flash tends to have a larger margin for error than SLC flash, and it has a shorter lifespan. In addition, some MLC NAND flash devices cannot operate in industrial conditions with extreme temperature ranges, which can be a problem for some applications.


Check the MLC NAND Flash Datasheet

When it comes to industrial applications, checking the MLC NAND flash datasheet is critical. Not only will the datasheet provide important information about storage capacities and speeds, but it will also provide clarity about whether the flash meets industrial standards. Some MLC NAND flash, for example, does work in industrial temperature ranges, from -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C, so it can be used in industrial devices that need MLC storage capacities. Additionally, some MLC NAND flash comes with industrial features like a locked BOM, which means that no part of the flash will be changed without advance notice and the issuing of a new product number. This helps to prevent issues with unexpected failures in the field.


MLC NAND Flash Products from Delkin

Delkin offers a variety of industrial grade MLC NAND flash storage solutions. There is an MLC 2.5” SSD, SD cards, and microSD cards, each with a unique MLC NAND flash datasheet. This comprehensive range of options allows you to find the best fit for your device.


Not sure what kind of embedded storage is right for your needs? Let the customer team at Delkin help. Contact us with your questions today to find out more about MLC NAND flash storage devices.


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