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microSD Cards, the Industrial Applications Market, and One-of-a-Kind Storage Solutions for Rugged Environments


The industrial storage industry has a unique set of demands when it comes to flash storage due to the characteristically tough operating conditions in which the risk of compromising data integrity is significant. With expertise and wide-ranging client benefits, Delkin Devices provides microSD cards for embedded and industrial applications with unparalleled flash memory and storage solutions. We innovate flash technology customized for each of our industrial clients’ needs to meet their individual OEM application requirements while assuring host architecture compatibility.


Our USA-designed NAND flash storage with multiple form factors ensures optimal performance with exceptional data integrity features tested by our world-class customer applications team. As a leader in industrial storage with mission critical data and custom storage for industrial applications, we serve industries across the board, from aerospace to automotive and more. Below, we’ve detailed just how we do so, concentrating on several key industrial partners of ours.


About Industrial MicroSD Storage

Industrial microSD cards are designed specifically with rugged environments in mind. With the evolution of small device designs in the industry, microSD cards were the perfect solution thanks to their compact size and powerful form factors. Plus, industrial-grade microSD cards promise data integrity through reliable performance that can withstand extreme temperatures as well as shock and vibrations. For all the above reasons, these cards are the ideal storage solution for most industrial OEM applications.


MicroSD Cards for the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry continues to change and grow, but not in the way you’d think. Its evolution actually stems from the communication industry. More and more vehicles come equipped with sophisticated smart technology such as GPS devices, cameras, entertainment systems, and more. All of these contemporary applications demand a host capable of storing their mission critical data without fail.


Though vehicles have been using flash storage for years, microSD cards are the auto industry’s top choice today for various reasons. To start, the tiny storage cards are capable of holding large amounts of memory without risking data integrity all while withstanding rugged surroundings. They also feature low power consumption and fit easily into all vehicle designs thanks to their small size.


At Delkin Devices, we design and test microSD cards to resist the most extreme conditions, including temperatures ranging from -40 degrees Celsius to 85 degrees Celsius. While most vehicles won’t have to endure environments that harsh, it’s a testament to the capability of our storage cards that our customers’ industrial OEM applications won’t risk data loss.


MicroSD Cards for the Security Industry

Like the auto industry—and most other modern industries—the security industry is being forced to innovate new solutions for its continually advancing needs. While contemporary applications continue to decrease in size, they demand increasingly complex and reliable returns.


Of course, with their versatility, ruggedness, and compact size, microSD cards are the natural answer. Their small size fits the latest cutting-edge security devices, such as the biometric authentication systems and surveillance cameras needed in secure zones. Not to mention they can endure extreme environments without risking failure or data integrity, which, for the security industry, is an absolute non-negotiable feature.


Today, industrial-grade microSD cards are utilized in nearly all industrial applications found across the security industry. Devices ranging from fire detectors to security cameras and natural disaster monitoring devices all record vital data for security personnel to assess risks and recommend security strategies. Data loss in this industry could result in devastating effects for security companies, their clients, and the greater population as a whole.


The security industry’s unique needs can be met with Delkin Device’s industrial microSD cards featuring sophisticated SLC architecture. SLC (single level cell) flash cards store one bit of data per cell. This ensures the greatest amount of program and erase cycles, thus allowing for dependable and extended data retention. When it comes to security OEM applications, this is essential because their data not only needs to be continually recorded and rewritten but also stored, all while promising optimal data integrity.


Delkin’s customer applications team engineered industrial microSD cards with over 10 years of data retention and about 60,000 program and erase cycles to provide the security industry with a highly reliable storage solution.


MicroSD Cards and Digital Signage

Ultimately, nearly the whole marketing industry has shifted towards digital devices. Most digital signs and billboards you’ll see today are powered by tiny industrial microSD cards. Like the aforementioned industries, the marketing industry can benefit greatly from this type of storage because of their small size and high reliability in extreme conditions.


You’ll find microSD cards of all sizes at Delkin Devices. We design storage cards to fit the thinnest of LED signs while maintaining top performance in rugged environments without the risk of data loss. As an added bonus, the low power draw of the cards means enhanced and lengthened functionality.


With the ability for digital signage to be smaller than ever yet perform at peak levels, microSD cards allow the digital marketing industry to be versatile and mobile. Likewise, their high performance and low power draw make for an extremely cost-effective option to power the digital signage industry’s signs, billboards, and TVs.


Delkin’s Industrial MicroSD Cards for All Industries

Above, we’ve noted various industries that can benefit from Delkin’s industrial microSD cards, though they’re not the only ones. The security, performance, and compact size provided by the cutting-edge storage solution extend to all types of industries, including gaming, healthcare, aerospace, and much more. As an established leader in the rugged controlled storage industry, Delkin boasts success in creating custom flash storage solutions for clients across all types of industries.


As modern-day digital devices continue to get smaller, microSD cards progress as the number one solution for rugged industrial OEM applications of all kinds. Technology is quickly advancing, and Delkin Devices’ industrial microSD cards are capable of keeping up with the fast-paced innovations.  Our customer applications team proudly provides comprehensive support for all our customers. To learn more about our first-rate products and services, contact us today.


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