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Is it Industrial Compact Flash Card or Industrial CompactFlash Card?


Industrial CompactFlash Cards are typically used within various industrial applications where a robust durability and reliability are expected. Taking this into consideration, many manufacturers require high-speed industrial CF cards that can reliably perform for aerospace, communications/networking, gaming, power/energy, mass data storage, transportation, embedded computing, security monitoring, and automotive applications. Given the prevalence of industrial CF Cards, it’s important the proper grammatical format be used when labeling or writing about this industrial flash storage form factor.

So, is it Industrial Compact Flash Card or Industrial CompactFlash Card? — Well, according to the CompactFlash Association, the proper and correct spelling should be “Industrial CompactFlash Card” which contains no space between the two words of Compact and Flash.

However, many manufacturers and distributors oftentimes use an incorrect and improper spelling to describe these cards. Please note, the improper and inaccurate spelling is “Industrial Compact Flash Card” which contains an unrequired space between the two words, i.e. Compact and Flash. Unfortunately, many manufacturers and distributors have a common tendency to use this inappropriate, wrong spelling while describing/defining/referring to CompactFlash cards.

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