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Industrial SLC SD for Automotive Applications


When it comes to flash storage solutions for industrial OEM automotive applications, such as those found in the transportation industry, high-grade storage simply isn’t enough to get the job done right. It’s vital to invest in memory cards that can withstand the challenging conditions served by such devices as found in automotive applications.


Delkin Devices provides world-class flash memory and storage SSD solutions for embedded and industrial applications across a vast range of industries—including automotive. Among our high-quality storage selection for OEM applications are industrial SLC SD memory cards. These sturdy and reliable flash memory cards are ideal for surviving the rough conditions presented by vehicles without compromising data integrity or the quality of performance.


Requirements of Industrial SLC SD for Automotive Applications


If you’re searching for a flash storage solution for your transportation OEM application you’ll need to consider several different factors when weighing your options. Given the extremely hot and cold temperatures and the shock and vibration presented by the vehicle’s environment, it’s essential that you select a memory card that can withstand the elements while continuing to perform flawlessly.


Among the most important qualities of an effective flash storage solution for your automotive application include high reliability and controlled solutions. First and foremost, transportation applications demand a memory card designed specifically for their rugged conditions. High-endurance flash memory can successfully withstand such surroundings while continuing to perform its necessary functions.


Reliability is only half of the equation, however. For your transportation OEM application, having controlled solutions is critical to ensure host compatibility and performance. Luckily, Delkin stays ahead of the game with a smart part numbering system that protects your data.


Why Industrial SLC SD for Automotive Applications Is Ideal


Once you know what to look for in a memory card for an automotive application, it’s easy to understand why industrial SLC SD cards are the perfect fit. These memory cards feature industrial controllers and SLC flash that result in highly reliable and durable solutions for applications with extremely rugged environments.


SLC SD cards effectively address the need for write intensive storage while supporting rough environmental factors. Meanwhile, they feature long-term field reliability that doesn’t put the applications’ mission critical data at risk.


Delkin’s Solution


Here at Delkin Devices, we don’t just provide first-rate USA-designed products; we also deliver unparalleled customer assistance from our expert support team. We’ll carefully walk you through each step of your journey, from conceptualization to life cycle management, as well as applications and engineering support.


We understand that each company features a unique set of demands for a dependable storage solution, which is why we feature customizable options to adapt to your specific exigencies in order to provide you with maximized performance and reliability. Not only so, but we’ll also test your product’s life cycle to ensure that the memory cards are replaced in time to secure data integrity and keep the performance running smoothly.


When designing your industrial SLC SD flash storage solution, Delkin will assess the card configuration, including firmware, flash chips, and specific controllers that result in consistent and dependable performance along with host compatibility.


Interested in finding out just how Delkin can deliver the perfect storage solution? Contact us today to learn more.


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