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Industrial SATA for Controls/Automation


In recent years, an increased use of controls/automation has revolutionized efficiency in factory settings. With new automation tools and controls, work that was once time-consuming and required hands-on activity from workers can now be done automatically—in a fraction of the time and with far less risk of human error. Achieving these newly possible levels of production with controls/automation requires fail-proof embedded SATA  storage that can withstand the rugged operating conditions found in most factories.


For many controls/automation applications, this means relying on industrial SATA SSDs (solid state drives). Industrial SATA is capable of tolerating temperature extremes, shock, and vibration levels that lower grades of embedded memory cannot. Is your factory being left behind in the adoption of new controls/automation? Here is what you need to know about the benefits of industrial SATA for controls/automation.


SATA 101

SATA stands for Serial AT Attachment. It refers to a specific kind of bus interface that works as a connection between a bus adapter in a host device and a storage device. It consists of high-speed cables that are used to transfer information between the host and the storage device. Today, SATA is primarily used in combination with SSDs.


For controls/automation, SSDs are today’s gold standard and have replaced HDDs (hard disk drives) for multiple reasons. One of the biggest issues with using HDDs in factories is that they were designed with mechanical disks that would spin with every read and write cycle. These disks could easily be jostled in factory operating conditions, causing data loss or device failure.


SSDs, on the other hand, are designed with flash memory and don’t have moving parts. As such, they are much more reliable for controls/automation purposes. Additionally, SSDs are thinner and smaller than HDDs, so they are more suitable for today’s small devices.


Using Industrial SATA for Controls/Automation

One of the key advantages of industrial SATA products is that they are designed with single-level cell, or SLC, flash memory. With this kind of flash, only one bit of data is stored per cell. This increases the speed, lifespan, and security of the drive. Industrial SATA drives can also withstand temperatures between -40 degrees C and 85 degrees C without any loss of function. This makes them ideal for the kinds of operating conditions usually encountered by controls/automation applications.


When you choose industrial SATA from Delkin, you also get the advantage of a locked BOM, or bill of materials. Delkin will not change any critical component of the embedded memory without issuing an advanced notification and changing the product number. This gives you the peace of mind that once the embedded memory is qualified, you won’t have to deal with unexpected device failures caused by compatibility issues. Delkin also offers utility grade SATA for controls/automation; this option offers reliability similar to that of industrial SATA, but with greater storage capacities.


Is industrial SATA the right choice for your controls/automation application? Contact Delkin to find out about all of our industrial flash storage solutions and customization options. Our experts are ready to help you pick the best rugged, embedded storage for your needs.


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