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Industrial IoT Applications Requiring Industrial Flash Storage

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Across the globe, many industries are on the crossover of revolution and many manufacturers have a new priority for their business. Numerous technologies based on the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) are expanding exponentially and becoming more important in industries such as manufacturing, energy, healthcare and retail. Industrial IoT has sparked a new wave of transformation and is quickly changing the way we do things.

One of the biggest challenges about the IIoT systems is that they generate massive amounts of data. For instance, an oil rig fitted with IoT systems generates up to 8 TB of data per day, a self drive car fitted with IoT sensors generates about 1PB of data per day, while a commercial jet aircraft can generate up to a staggering 333 GB of data per minute. If you think about it for a moment, that is a lot of data to process, transmit and store!

Another data and storage related challenge faced by the IIoT systems is the extreme environments they operate in. For IIoT applications to capture, store, analyze and share information, they need versatile storage devices that can withstand the extreme, demanding environmental conditions. This is where the rugged durability of industrial flash storage devices comes in.

Industrial Flash storage devices can handle massive amounts of data and operate at temperature extremes of -40 to 85 degrees C for prolonged periods of time without fail. In addition, these ruggedized storage devices utilize SLC NAND which makes them reliable for IIoT applications. They contribute to the IIoT applications’ ability to handle data management including data logging, processing and transmission, and running 24/7 mission critical procedures. Below is a quick look at just a few of the IIoT Industrial Flash Storage applications.

Smart Factories

Smart factory control systems and automation heavily depend on flash storage for a wide range of functions including process monitoring, programming updates, and machine control. A lot of interconnected devices and parts need endless life cycles and versatile configurations that will not allow any outages and surprises.


Long product life cycles and regulatory requirements make industrial flash storage a natural choice for medical smart equipment. Mechanical robustness is also important, especially if removable cards are handled frequently by patients or healthcare workers. Industrial grade flash storage offers locked BOM and Extended Life Cycle (ELC) to ensure extended performance, compatibility with stringent medical requirements, and an unusually long manufacturing window for low density SLC SD and CF cards.


The Aerospace industry is characterized by extreme environmental conditions associated with military applications including shock, temperature, humidity, and vibration. In addition, airplanes, space ships, and other associated craft already rely heavily on IoT technology, and industrial flash storage solutions come as the clear choice for aerospace applications, such as Industrial CompactFlash or SLC M.2 SATA. Delkin has delivered flash storage solutions for applications such as helicopter black box recording, jet mission data collection, unmanned aircraft base station and flight data recording, as well as in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi services.


Transportation applications, whether in the air, on the sea or over land, involve various environmental challenges that require versatility and long term reliability for a flash storage solution. High endurance SLC flash is typically selected for transportation applications, to address the rigorous usage typical of data logging and video recording. Industrial flash storage is therefore required to match the industrial grade products built to handle the daily demands of moving freight and passengers across the globe.


Power generating and transmitting stations utilize IIoT in the most extreme of environments. Whether it’s under that sea or in the middle of geyser, industrial grade flash storage devices are equipped to handle volatile temperature changes, shock, and vibration. Whether collecting seismic data for energy exploration, remotely monitoring assets or storing the operating system for a wind turbine, Delkin industrial products will ensure long term reliability and performance.


There are many other IIoT Industrial Flash Storage applications out there and many more are estimated to pop up as the technology advances. The number of interconnected devices is estimated to be 20 billion into the early 2020’s. In addition to the staggering data storage requirements, more IIoT applications require versatile storage that can withstand extreme conditions and heavy life cycles. This makes industrial grade flash storage an expected choice for these types of applications.

Have a question about your IIoT application and the many benefits that come from customized, rugged flash storage?  The Delkin Team is ready to be your trusted advisor in providing the best solution for your host critical storage.  We have provided guidance on hundreds of industrial flash storage projects across a wide range of applications, and look forward to providing you a consultative approach to the right industrial flash storage solution.

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