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Industrial Flash Storage for Government Applications

Rugged, industrial flash storage is the required standard for many government applications. There are many advantages to using industrial flash storage, including some benefits that satisfy the unique needs of government applications and the demand for stringent security these applications have. Industrial flash storage cards from Delkin can also be customized to perform as optimally as possible in military and government applications. Here is what you need to know about the features of this kind of embedded memory and the benefits of industrial flash storage for government applications.


Data Security

There are multiple data security advantages that come with using industrial flash storage. In contrast to HDD memory, flash memory does not have any moving parts. As a result, the risk of data loss or corruption during program operations is greatly diminished. Flash memory in industrial format is even less likely to experience this kind of data loss, since only one bit of data is programmed to each cell.


Rugged Conditions

Government applications, especially those used by the military, are often exposed to extreme temperatures and temperature fluctuations. Industrial flash storage can tolerate extreme temperatures ranging from -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C without risk of malfunction or data corruption. This allows fast, reliable flash storage to be used with confidence in the majority of applications. It is important to note that these temperature ranges are available specifically with industrial flash. Most commercial and consumer flash memory products cannot operate in environments with these kinds of temperature extremes.


In addition to extended temperature ranges, industrial flash memory can withstand high levels of shock and vibration. For government applications in vehicles and aircraft, this feature can be particularly important.


SMART Data Management and Locked BOM

Unexpected data storage failures can be costly—and even dangerous—for government applications. These failures are unlikely to occur with industrial flash storage. This is because integrated SMART data management tools allow you to understand how much useful life a storage device has left. This ensures that you can plan to replace the device without disruption to your operations. Industrial flash memory has the longest lifespan of all flash designs, which is another benefit.


Additionally, industrial flash comes with a locked bill of materials (BOM). This feature ensures that compatibility issues will not arise because of product redesigns. No critical component of an industrial flash drive will be replaced without advanced notification—so you can place final orders—and a new product number.


Delkin can assist with customizations to enhance industrial flash storage for government applications. Contact us today to discuss your needs for embedded memory. Our team is ready to help you find the best solution for your application’s needs.


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