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Industrial Flash Storage for Embedded Computing Applications

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Embedded computing applications are critical for both consumer and industrial devices. With such a wide variety of uses, there is no standard storage solution for embedded computing applications that can be used across all devices. Instead, in order to get the best performance, developers must match the storage to the way the embedded computing application will be used. In industrial settings, the top choice is industrial flash storage for embedded computing applications. This kind of storage meets the demands of industrial operating conditions while providing the necessary level of security and reliability for sensitive systems.


What is an embedded computing application?

Embedded computing applications contain both hardware and software components and are designed to perform a specific task. They may be part of a large computing system, or they may be standalone devices. For instance, calculators and digital cameras are standalone embedded computing devices.They may also be integrated into larger patient monitoring systems in healthcare settings or industrial automation systems in manufacturing plants.


Keep in mind that as technology changes, so does the definition of what is and isn’t an embedded computing application. Smartphones, for example, may be both embedded computing applications and full computer systems. Embedded computing applications are generally task-specific; however, their power to operate as full systems has grown as devices have become smaller and more powerful.


What kind of storage do embedded computing applications need?

In a general sense, memory used needs to be efficient and reliable. Users typically can’t access and program embedded applications. As a result, these applications rely on memory to operate without error for long periods of time.


Industrial Flash memory is the optimal choice for embedded computing applications for a number of reasons. It is smaller in size than hard disk drive, or HDD, memory, so it is ideal for the physical design of embedded applications. Additionally, flash memory is significantly more reliable than HDD memory because it does not have any moving parts.


Flash memory comes in a variety of formats; these are designed for use in different types of devices and in different markets. The various formats have different capabilities in terms of storage space, lifespan, speed, and tolerance to operating conditions. So, while flash memory is the right kind of storage for embedded computing applications, not all forms of flash memory are appropriate for all embedded applications.


When is the right time to use industrial flash storage for embedded computing applications?

Industrial flash storage is designed with single-level cell, or SLC, flash memory. With this format, one bit of data is stored on each cell. This design offers the highest available level of data security and reliability in flash memory, as there is a low risk of errors occurring during read and write operations.


Industrial flash memory also tolerates extreme operating conditions. These tolerances include temperatures ranging from -45 degrees C to 85 degrees C. Industrial flash memory is also ideal for use in environments with high levels of shock and vibration.


Industrial flash memory is essential for applications that are designed to be used in industrial operating conditions, such as in healthcare, automation, transportation, and military devices. Applications used in these environments are often responsible for critical operations in which failures could have significant—and potentially dangerous—consequences. In addition to the high level of reliability offered by industrial flash memory for embedded computing applications, this kind of memory also features a locked BOM and lifecycle management. This means that users can transition to new memory when necessary without costly disruptions.


Are you looking for industrial flash storage for embedded computing applications? Let Delkin help you make the right choices for your device. Contact our team today for assistance and to learn more about all of our storage solutions.


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