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Industrial Flash Storage for Ag Tech Applications


The agricultural industry is the driving force behind one of the most critical pieces of national infrastructure: the nation’s food supply. Although hands-on, physical labor remains important in agriculture, technology is central to how the industry produces food safely and efficiently. In fact, agricultural technology, or ag tech, has changed the way food production works. It has made it possible to feed more people across the globe than ever before. Because ag tech is almost always used in harsh environmental conditions, industrial flash storage is the key to avoiding lost data and unanticipated downtimes. Here is what you need to know about industrial flash storage for ag tech applications.


Ag Tech and Critical Data

There are multiple ways in which technology is used in agriculture. Automation allows tasks that used to be extremely time consuming, such as watering, planting, and even picking, to be performed using faster, more accurate machinery. Technology can also be used to evaluate and monitor soil, fertilizer, water levels, and more. This allows for the production of a greater amount of food on a smaller amount of land, since the guesswork is removed from the planting process and fewer crops are lost.


These benefits of ag tech are not only important for maintaining the national food supply in the U.S. They are also essential for addressing hunger around the world. Changes in the climate mean changes in how, where, and when food can be produced. These changes make ag tech even more important for securing adequate food supplies in increasingly harsh conditions.


Industrial Flash Storage in Ag Tech

Industrial flash storage refers to memory that is designed with SLC, or single-level cell, flash technology, as well as Industrial 3D. With SLC flash, one bit of data is stored per cell; this reduces the risk of failures and data loss. Industrial flash storge is considered to be the most secure form of flash memory for this reason. Another benefit of storing one bit of data per cell is that it makes read and write operations faster to perform.


Industrial flash storage has other features that are also critical for ag tech. It works in rugged environmental conditions, including extended temperature ranges of -45 degrees C to 85 degrees C.  Industrial flash memory also comes with a locked BOM, or bill of materials. This means that no critical part of the memory device, including the controller, will be changed without advanced notice and without a new part number being issued. A locked BOM removes the challenge of unexpected failures caused by memory card incompatibility after a change to a critical component happens without warning. These types of failures can have major implications for the food supply, so avoiding them is essential.


At Delkin, we offer a variety of customizations for industrial flash storage for ag tech applications, including conformal coating, specialized packaging, and more. Our team can also conduct customized testing to ensure that you get the best industrial flash memory for your application. Contact our team today to learn more.


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