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Industrial CompactFlash (CF) Cards: The Perfect Fit for Gaming Applications

Digital Gaming Applications


Behind the bright lights and ringing sounds of casinos are the flash storage cards that power them in a variety of gaming applications. The gaming industry relies on industrial and OEM flash storage products to house data as the virtual roulette wheels are turning, but its tight regulations usher in unique challenges for finding the right flash storage solutions.


Delkin Devices provides gaming applications with reliable rugged flash storage devices such as industrial CompactFlash (CF) storage. The durable and high endurance cards allow slot machines, lottery ticket machines, gaming servers, and other gaming devices to perform at their maximum capacity with a long life cycle. Whether your application is a multi-system server, OS load, game application upgrade, or player tracking mechanism, industrial CF memory cards ensure ease of integration and robustness while remaining within the industry’s high-demand regulations.


The Benefits of CompactFlash Storage for Gaming Applications

Industrial CF memory cards are highly favorable for the gaming industry thanks to their solid-state construction that allow for the easy uploading of data to a central hub and application upgrades and OS loads.


CompactFlash cards allow for different voltage ranges of 3.3V and 5V operations, and they can seamlessly switch between the two for greater versatility. The innovative flash storage solution also varies in thickness to match a range of different gaming applications. With a storage capacity of 64 GB, CF cards can hold a high amount of data while boasting a long life cycle.


The robustness, small size, and ease of integration of industrial CF storage cards feature optimal functionality and high-performance levels that provide simple and reliable storage solutions while ensuring a smooth customer experience to ultimately boost revenue.


The top benefits of CF cards for gaming applications are as follows:


  • High reliability
  • Power and voltage anomaly protection
  • Low power consumption
  • Enhanced security
  • Resistance to vibration, shock, and extreme temperatures
  • Exceptional life cycles
  • High performance


The Gaming Industry’s Unique Data Security Requirements

The gaming industry is unique from others as it demands strict and specific regulations for its applications. Above all, the industry requests high-security measures that comply with the local government regulations for gaming machine data storage.


While meeting the security requirements of the industry, the flash storage of gaming devices needs to match a high level of other unique exigencies. Between the applications’ 24/7 use, heavy exchange of monetary transactions, and gaming algorithms, manufacturers need the right flash storage card to meet secure data storage requirements while maintaining a robust performance.


Furthermore, gaming applications face the constant threat of tampering. Its industrial storage solutions must counter the risk of data manipulation with flash storage cards that ensure reliable and long-lasting life cycles and unparalleled security measures. Industrial CF storage cards meet the needs of all these demands.


Choose Delkin Devices for Your CF Memory Cards

Delkin Devices features customizable CF cards for all types of gaming applications. Along with our state-of-the-art flash storage solutions, we feature a knowledgeable and dependable customer support team to help you strategize options and predict and prevent data security breaches and system crashes. For more information, reach out to our customer applications team.


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