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Industrial Flash Storage Optimization

We all have our go-to morning beverage of choice – be it strong black coffee, English Breakfast tea or a triple shot, non-fat grande iced latte.  Some of us have one cup and others drink caffeine all day.  The point being that everyone has individual needs to get going each day and remain productive.  One could draw a parallel to embedded industrial storage – as each host has unique needs for start-up and continued optimization.  An embedded storage device may load an operating system or launch application software, as well as logging vital data, thereby performing critical functions for the system.

Delkin understands that each host and application are unique, and therefore offers a wide range of customization options to ensure that the storage device does exactly what it needs to do, every time.  More than 75% of all Delkin industrial storage shipments have some level of customization, which can be as simple as an OEM-branded custom label or pad print, or as complex as a complete custom design.


Solutions for Tough Environments

For applications that have extreme environmental conditions, Delkin offers services and optimization to protect the storage devices from shock, vibration and handling as well as humidity, moisture and other contaminants.   Extra ruggedization and customized housings provide mechanical protection, while conformal coating prevents device damage due to moisture and other destructive elements.



Custom settings, such as USB PID and VID or CF CHS, ensure compatibility with legacy hosts, and are easily managed within a custom part number.  Content loading, whether a file copy or bit for bit duplication, is available on most form factors and specialized testing is also an option, if an application has a unique requirement.


Custom Artwork & Labeling

With internal printing capability, Delkin can easily produce custom labels or pad print artwork to add OEM part numbers, logos or other information to various form factors.


Form Factor Optimization

And when a standard form factor will not fit or otherwise will not meet the needs of an application, Delkin offers custom design services.  We will provide a detailed development proposal based on the customer specifications – outlining the design approach, component selection, schedule and commercial details, in order to meet the stated requirements.  Delkin has completed many custom design projects, including SD, CF, USB, eUSB and SSD designs to meet customer specifications and optimization of their designs.


Just Ask Delkin

The bottom line is that you don’t have to settle for an off-the-shelf storage solution that meets 80% of your needs, when Delkin can provide a customized solution that perfectly matches your requirements.

At Delkin, all you need to do is speak to a member of our customer applications team. They will discuss your device and your needs for flash storage customization, and help you arrange for the appropriate features. For more information about customized industrial Flash storage, get in touch with Delkin. Our team is ready to answer your questions today.


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