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FAQs on Industrial mSATA SSDs


The mSATA, otherwise known as the mini-SATA, is a slim drive format designed for industrial storage in applications that need a solid state storage much smaller than a 2.5-inch SSD footprint. They are the leading form factor for applications that yield a limited amount of space and require low power consumption.  Originally designed for commercial form factors, the mSATA gained traction with industrial applications for its highly effective performance.


Delkin Devices provides practical storage solutions like the industrial mSATA for a dependable industrial OEM application choice. While the mSATA has grown slightly outdated, we continue to feature it along with our other state-of-the-art storage products as it remains efficient as an SLC and industrial 3D flash option in capacities from 4GB to 1TB.


What are the Benefits of Industrial mSATA SSDs?

A spin-off of the SATA (serial AT attachment) interface, the mSATA interface features a range of benefits that include the following:


  1. A Small Size

The light and compact mSATA easily fits into small spaces other storage devices can’t, including laptops and mobile devices.


  1. Industrial-Grade Flash Compliance

The mSATA uses SLC flash memory, which is the fastest and most dependable option available. Its high performance is paired with low power consumption for optimal efficiency.


  1. Strict Compliance Standards

SATA devices are required to meet the standards set by the Serial ATA Organization that guarantees an expected output.


What Are the Technical Specs of an Industrial SLC mSATA SSD?

Delkin’s Industrial SLC mSATA SSD in SLC flash in a range of capacities designed for any application. This board-level solution is among the top choices for engineers in search of an efficient and compact industrial storage system. Its technical specs include the following:

  • mSATA JEDEC MO-300C and MO-300B
  • SATA III 6 Gb/s (Backward compatible to SATA II/ I)
  • 4 – 128GB SLC
  • -40 to 85°C Operating Temp
  • Read/Write Speeds up to 170/150 MB/s*


What Are the Technical Specs of an Industrial 3D mSATA SSD?

Delkin’s Utility+ industrial 3D mSATA SSD supports the SATA III interface with backward compatibility and standard flash management features. Its technical specs include the following:


  • SATA III Interface
  • mSATA MO-300B Form Factor
  • Industrial 3D TLC NAND Flash
  • Locked Bill of Materials
  • Extended Life Cycle Management
  • SMART Feature
  • Available in Capacities from 32GB to 1TB
  • Read/Write Speeds
    • 550/500 MB/s*
  • Operating Temp
    • Utility+: -40° to +85°C


Why Choose Delkin as Your mSATA Provider?

Delkin Devices provides industries across the board, from aerospace and automotive to medical and military, with cutting-edge flash based memory and industrial storage solutions. With professionalism and innovation, we feature high-tech USA-designed products for OEM systems that ensure maximum functionality.


To add to our world-class industrial embedded storage and flash memory, we offer advanced customer service to our clients that includes product assistance and life cycle management to effectively maintain dependable performance and a maximum lifespan.


We know our clients have unique needs, which is why we offer customized labels, content and image loading, serialization, and conformal coating in order to meet the requirements of any OEM application. We can easily accommodate all of your industrial embedded storage needs. If you have further questions or wish to purchase an mSATA, contact us today.



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