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FAQs About the Industrial CFast Card


Industrial CFast cards offer high-capacity storage solutions for applications that are migrating to a SATA interface or simply need more space and speed than their current embedded memory provides. CFast cards meet the security needs for industrial applications and provide virtually 100% uptime, reducing the risk of data loss. If you’re thinking about making the switch to CFast cards for your industrial device, you’re likely to have questions about the transition. Here are the answers to some of the queries we hear most often.


What is the difference between CF and CFast?

There are number of similarities between a traditional CompactFlash (CF) card and an Industrial CFast card. Their mechanical dimensions are essentially identical, with slight differences in thickness. The technical specifications for both types of cards are governed by the CompactFlash® Association. The main difference comes down to the 24-pin SATA connector and SATA interface that an Industrial CFast card has. This allows CFast cards to delivery faster speeds than standard CF cards, as the name suggests. The SATA interface also provides greater data security.


What is an Industrial CFast card?

Industrial CFast cards are designed to meet the demands of rugged operating conditions and data security that are required for devices that are used in industrial environments. Industrial CFast cards are designed with single level cell, or SLC, NAND flash memory. SLC flash is the gold standard for industrial embedded memory because of its data security and operational reliability. SLC flash memory can tolerate operating environments with extreme temperatures ranging from -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C and read/write speeds of 125/95 MB/s*.


With SLC flash memory, one bit of data is stored per cell. This design increases both data security and speed. Because only one bit of data needs to be written, read, and stored, there are fewer risks of a problem occurring that could cause data loss and fewer steps in each operation. This is the reason why you will often find CFast cards in devices that need speed and security, such as in the healthcare, transportation, and communications industries.


What are the other features of an Industrial CFast card?

CFast cards are available in a range of storage capacities, allowing designers and OEMs to find the right fit for their needs. At Delkin, Industrial CFast cards are available in capacities from 2GB to 64GB with SLC flash. Every Industrial CFast card comes with a locked BOM, which means that the flash, firmware, and controller will not be subject to changes without advanced notification, a new product number, and an option to place a final order. Locking these features will reduce the risk of unanticipated failures in the field by preventing unexpected compatibility issues. Delkin can also assist with end-of-lifecycle management and requalification of new memory cards.


Delkin offers a long list of customization options for CFast cards, including custom labels, customized testing, serialization, conformal coating, and much more. If you have specific customization needs, talk to a Delkin team member to discuss the available options.


Delkin is here to help you make the transition from your current embedded storage to Industrial CFast cards. Talk to a team member today for more information.


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