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FAQs about M.2 2242


If you’re looking for a flash memory form factor that is adaptable to a wide range of applications, look no further than M.2. On the market since 2013, M.2—formerly called NGFF—is an alternative to mSATA for engineers and designers who are looking for the small size of mSATA, but in a more flexible form. Despite its small size, M.2 delivers extremely powerful results, especially in industrial devices that depend on its high-quality flash memory. M.2 is available in different sizes, though one of the most commonly used formats is M.2 2242. Here are the answers to questions that Delkin frequently receives about M.2 2242 SATA.


What makes M.2 2242 different from other M.2 devices?

When you see M.2 memory devices being offered, you’ll notice that “M.2” is followed by a four-digit number. This number tells you the size of the drive. In each case, the first two numbers refer to the width of the drive, and the last two refer to the length. M.2 2242 refers to an M.2 drive that is 22mm wide and 42mm long. M.2 2242 is one of the smallest forms of M.2 in terms of length, but it is also one of the widest. The different sizes of M.2 make it easier for designers to find the option that fits their device the best.


Is M.2 a hard disk drive or a solid state drive?

M.2s from Delkin are SSDs, or solid state drives. Solid state drives are considered to be much more reliable than hard disk drives, or HDDs. Because SSDs don’t have any moving parts, they are particularly well suited to industrial operating conditions, in which high levels of shock and vibration are likely to be present.


Is M.2 a futureproof solution?

Finding the right kind of flash memory is not only about what works today, but also about what will work in the future. M.2 SSDs from Delkin are popular in today’s operating systems and likely to be used in future designs, so your device can evolve without any need to change the embedded memory.


Are you looking for M.2 2242 options for your industrial device? Contact Delkin today to explain your requirements to our team and get advice on the best flash storage for your needs.


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