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Industrial flash memory is not all the same. The truth as that the manufacturer you choose to work with matters. Standardized specifications are not a guarantee that the flash memory you’re getting will deliver the results you expect it to. Manufacturers have wildly different levels of quality control, customer service, and selection. Choosing the wrong manufacturer can be as bad for your application as choosing the wrong kind of memory.


For OEMs and designers of industrial applications, there is one clear choice when it comes to manufacturers: Delkin. Delkin understands the unique needs of the industrial market. To meet these needs, we offer an ever-evolving range of embedded, rugged storage solutions designed to operate in demanding conditions. From healthcare to aerospace and military to automation, our embedded memory solutions are found in mission-critical devices across industries. Our industrial flash memory is relied upon to perform when it counts the most—even in the most demanding environments.


We call the factors that set us apart from other manufacturers “the Delkin Difference.” Are you curious about how we can help with your storage needs? Get in touch with us today and experience the Delkin Difference for yourself. Continue reading for a closer look at why our industrial clients trust us with their essential storage needs.


Delkin understands the unique needs of the industrial storage market

There are many reasons why industrial clients don’t use embedded memory that was designed for the consumer market. One of the most significant factors to consider is the operating conditions in which industrial applications are frequently used. Whether embedded in components in an airplane or used in an automated machine in a factory, industrial applications are frequently exposed to extreme temperatures, temperature fluctuations, and high levels of shock and vibration. Although perfectly designed for the way they are intended to be used, consumer and commercial embedded memory solutions cannot operate in these demanding conditions without significant risk of failure.


Embedded memory that is designed for the industrial market can be relied upon to provide the highest available level of data security, regardless of the operating conditions. Additionally, industrial flash memory offers fast read and write operations. It also has a long lifespan; after all, the process of recertifying embedded memory can be costly and disruptive. Delkin delivers on these needs with our combination of SLC flash memory, industrial grade MLC flash memory, and other storage solutions.


We also understand that many industrial designers and OEMs need customization, life cycle management, locked BOMs, and more. We deliver on those demands and closely monitor changes in the market to respond to our client’s evolving needs.


All Delkin industrial flash storage products are built in the USA

You may not have considered the advantages of having your industrial flash storage products built in the United States. At Delkin, we design and manufacture all of our products under one roof. From the start of the design stage to sourcing components, manufacturing, assembling, testing, and shipping, your industrial flash memory products are with our team. We oversee every stage of the process and can ensure that the quality of our products remains high. As a result, we are able to make sure that every client gets precision manufacturing with 360 degrees of traceability. Delkin is ISO – 9001-2015 certified and manufactures to IPC-A-610 Class 3 standards.


Keeping the production process under one roof means that we can offer tailored testing services and deliver on our promises for delivery timelines. We also get to see all of the components going into our industrial embedded memory products, so we know that you’re getting the best quality.


There are other advantages to having your industrial flash memory products manufactured in the USA. These include:


  • Easier communication during the production process. Because all of our team members are in the USA, they are easy to reach and work with. All of our decision-makers and leaders are in the USA as well. As a result, they can get involved in supply chain issues, order adjustments, and other needs right away, instead of having to wait for days to get answers from stakeholders scattered all over the globe.
  • Reduction in freight costs, tariffs, import duties, and shipping times. Many other manufacturers are based in Asia. This means that it can be costly and time-consuming to import their parts. With Delkin, you get lower shipping rates and don’t have to worry about customs, import duties, and more.
  • Protection provided by the United States’ laws and environmental standards. All of the agreements you make with Delkin are governed by United States’ laws and standards. Additionally, we manufacture in accordance with all local, state, and federal environmental standards. This means that you can feel good about purchasing products that have been manufactured in an environmentally-conscious manner.


Additionally, buying our products that have been manufactured in the USA is good for the American economy.


We specialize in customizations

Over 60% of Delkin clients get industrial flash memory with some kind of customization. We take a consultative approach to working with each client. Our team understands that there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution for industrial storage. With that in mind, we start out by finding out exactly how each customer expects to use their application and the specific needs and priorities they have. The technical specifications of our embedded memory solutions are just the starting point. From there, our team works with every client to find the most efficient, cost-effective, and reliable solution for their unique needs.


Our range of available customizations is enormous. Customized labels, conformal coating, preloaded content, customized firmware, and sequential numbering are just a few of the customizations that we offer. Simply discuss your needs with one of our team members, and we’ll start designing to meet them.


One of our most important customization options is customized testing. Many customers come to us after becoming frustrated that the embedded storage they had gotten from other manufacturers did not work as intended in their devices. Our team can take your device and replicate the expected use conditions. This allows us to make sure that the memory you’re using will work as expected. Plus, through this kind of customized testing, we can ensure that the flash storage solution you choose is the best option for the exact way your device will be used. Not only can this kind of testing help you maximize your budget, but it will also help you avoid unexpected failures in the field that could lead to costly downtime for your organization.


All of our industrial flash memory products come with a locked BOM

A common problem for industrial users who try to rely on commercial storage devices is that manufacturers can change any component of the flash memory without advanced notification. This includes components that can impact the compatibility of the memory with the host device. As such, this type of change can lead to disaster for industrial applications and result in costly errors for users.


At Delkin, all of our industrial memory products have a fully locked BOM, or bill of materials. With a locked BOM, none of the critical components of a flash memory device, including the controller, will be changed without advanced notification and without issuing a new product number. Users will never be surprised to discover that the embedded memory that they have been relying on suddenly doesn’t work in their device due to component updates, because no such changes will be made without notice.


When it does become necessary to make this kind of change, Delkin will notify all clients who will be impacted to allow them to place final orders. Additionally, our team will help clients manage the transition to new embedded memory solutions and undertake any necessary testing to ensure that there is no loss of functionality. This kind of management can save clients an enormous amount of expense and time in the recertification process for new memory.


Let the Delkin Difference work for you

Are you ready to find the best embedded memory product for your industrial application? In addition to all of the advantages discussed here, you will also find an unmatched selection of industrial flash memory products at Delkin. We are proud to offer top-of-the-line industrial memory solutions in a range of sizes, formats, and capacities. In addition, we are committed to staying on the cutting edge of new technologies to consistently bring our customers the very latest in flash memory solutions. Our huge range of products makes it easy for our team to find solutions for every client, regardless of operating conditions, budget, and customization needs.


The Delkin team is ready to help you find rugged, embedded storage for your industrial device. Contact us today, tell us about your needs, and let our team work to find the perfect fit for your application.


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