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Delkin Devices is a global industrial Flash memory and storage provider with the best technical support in the industry. Our high-quality, USA-designed products support OEMs across a range of industries and applications. We provide controlled configurations, robust life cycle management to avoid memory crashes, and customizable features to apply to a wide range of industries from aerospace to healthcare and everything in between.


Delkin Devices is ideal if you need removable storage for a new project or would like to switch providers to an alternative with a selection of diverse products and greater technical support and failure analysis. Technological advancements continue moving away from traditional hard drives to solid state drives (SSDs) that feature higher performance and reliability while reducing power consumption and being more trustworthy.


At Delkin, we offer innovative data solutions with unparalleled guidance and support. We proudly boast customer service at the same standard of excellence as our world-class products because we know that even the greatest technological advancements sometimes require human-to-human aid from knowledgeable professionals.


Our comprehensive technical support features exclusive assistance for the following services:


The Prevention of Power Failures for Safe and Secure Data

Here at Delkin, we know that securing your data is essential for keeping your business operating and your customers satisfied. That’s why we’re prepared to prevent data corruption from power loss and other unexpected disasters. We’ve designed our SSDs in such a way that even in the event of a system crash, your hardware and software will be protected, ensuring consistent data integrity that keeps your business alive, your revenue rolling in, and your clients satisfied.


Cutting-Edge In-House Technical Support Testing Investments

We continue evolving our design verification testing (DVT) and ongoing reliability testing (ORT) to not only provide state-of-the-art industrial-grade storage solutions, but to keep them functioning at the highest level for the long term. Going the extra mile, we strive to test our products with short turnaround times, because we know time is money and efficiency is key.


By seamlessly combining our highly accelerated life testing (HALT) on Delkin designs with existing protocol analyzers and design engineer software, we can test run designs created specifically for your business to guarantee future functionality. In troubleshooting potential issues without a third party, we can promise you a stable product with effective performance in a short time span.


Our world-class testing systems push Delkin designs to the limit through a series of arduous trials. Using one computer to perform the tests and another to act as the real-world product hosting the software, we can accurately identify and correct potential issues before putting the design to use in the real world. Our four-step HALT testing includes:


  1. A thermal step test
  2. Rapid thermal cycling
  3. A vibration step test
  4. A combined environment test


In combination with this unique examination, we’ll combine the results with data from previously tests on our in-house equipment for comprehensive feedback that certifies a secure and reliable product. Hand-in-hand with our DVT, our ORT pledges to consistently provide the same level of quality over time.


Robust and Durable Flash Devices

Flash device endurance is crucial for consistent dependability in SSDs. There are a number of factors to consider when evaluating NAND flash-based devices. Not only do we evaluate program/erase cycles, but we also look at characteristics of the raw flash, application workload, and controller technology. By widening the combinations and solutions of optimum drives, we can work in tandem with you to identify an optimal solution for your workload, as well as endurance and lifetime targets.


Unique Application Product Customization

We pride ourselves on providing dependable, modernized storage solutions for all types of applications. Factoring in specialized testing with unique imaging and packaging, we can provide your business with an exclusive embedded/industrial OEM system from the inside out. Contact our support team for a private label branded memory card featuring customized capacities and designs.


The Delkin Difference

Our expert technical support staff will work diligently by your side to determine an ideal industrial storage solution for your specific needs. We understand the importance of data safety for privacy integrity and smooth operations, and we respect the intricacies of each business’s unique needs. Striving for durable and reliable flash storage devices with data integrity at the forefront, we can expertly create embedded and industrial OEMs to match your unique requirements by attacking five crucial points.


Delkin offers seamless industrial replacements to EOL flash storage parts from companies including SanDisk, Intel, Samsung, Western Digital, and many more. With our cross-reference guide, it’s never been easier to transfer EOL part numbers from another brand to the Delkin Devices replacement. You’ll save time, money, and resources while transitioning to a top-quality, rugged industrial system that will boost your business’ performance reliably and effectively.


We’ll be happy to help provide you with a sample, a spec sheet, or simply strategize customization options for your particular application. For more information, reach out to us by phone or through our online contact form and we’ll respond to you within one business day.


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