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Delkin Devices and the Industrial Applications Market: Storage Solutions for Industrial Environments


At Delkin, we serve a diverse industrial applications marketplace with wide-ranging storage needs. The one thing that unites all of these customers is their demand for industrial storage that maintains its integrity in demanding operating conditions. Delkin is an industry leader in this kind of storage, which we design using NAND flash memory in multiple form factors. From industrial storage for mission critical data to storage for custom industrial applications, the team at Delkin can work with clients from all industries to develop customized solutions for their needs. Here is a closer look at what we do, focusing on a few of our major industrial partners.


Spotlight on Industrial microSD Storage


Industrial microSD cards have the advantage of being an extremely small, but powerful, form factor. With an increased push for smaller and smaller device designs, microSD cards were a natural solution. For industrial applications, advances in the reliability of microSD cards sealed the deal. Industrial grade microSD cards can operate without loss of performance in rugged conditions. They can easily be used to store operating systems and critical data without concerns about loss caused by extreme conditions. This makes them a clear choice for many industrial applications.


Automotive Industry and microSD Cards

There are major changes happening in the automotive industry. These changes resemble developments in the communications industry more than traditional auto advances. Today’s drivers are increasingly expecting cars that come equipped with smart technology features, such as integrated GPS, cameras, and entertainment systems. To deliver these modern applications, the automotive industry needs a local host to store critical data.


Although the auto industry is not new to flash storage in general, the availability of industrial microSD cards has been a game-changer. For automotive industrial applications, microSD cards have become the preferred choice. The reasons are simple: microSD cards can store large amounts of data securely, even in the rugged environment of a vehicle, and they do so with low power consumption. In addition, their small size makes these cards easy to integrate into any vehicle design.


An unmatched versatility is only one of the reasons why microSD cards make sense for the automotive industry. The other reason is their ruggedness. Imagine all of the extreme temperatures that storage devices have to encounter when used in an automobile, both internally and externally. At Delkin, our microSD cards work in conditions ranging from -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C. This ensures that commonly encountered temperatures won’t impact the operation of the industrial application. For the auto industry, this is a must-have advantage.


Security Industry and microSD Cards

The security industry is facing the same challenges as most other modern industries. The industry is being called upon to deliver better returns than ever before using devices that are smaller than they have ever been. Industrial microSD cards have been the solution. These cards are small enough to use in the newest generation of security equipment, such as biometric authentication systems and surveillance cameras in secure zones. Plus, they are rugged enough to withstand extreme conditions. Security devices have to be virtually fail-proof, and microSD cards allow for this type of reliability.


You will find industrial grade microSD cards in a wide variety of industrial applications within the security field, including natural disaster monitoring devices and fire detectors. These devices record important data that allow security experts to perform risk assessment and make accurate recommendations for security strategies.


Within the security industry, the biggest advantage of Delkin’s industrial microSD cards is their SLC architecture. SLC, or single-level cell, means that only one bit of data is stored per cell in the card. This allows for the maximum amount of program and erase cycles alongside reliable, extended data retention. This is essential for security applications, in which data must not only be recorded and rewritten constantly, but also stored. With Delkin industrial microSD cards, you can expect 10 years of data retention, along with approximately 60,000 program and erase cycles.


E-Marketing and microSD Cards

Digital marketers have also embraced the emergence of industrial grade microSD cards. Today, if you see a digital sign, chances are that it is operating with an industrial microSD card. Delkin microSD cards solve a long list of challenges for digital marketers, thanks to their small size and reliability.


Delkin’s microSD cards are small enough to fit into even the thinnest LED sign or billboard. Plus, they can withstand exposure to extreme conditions without any loss of functioning. Even better for the digital marketing industry, these cards have a low power draw. This makes it more cost effective to run digital marketing campaigns. Their compact size also allows digital signage to be smaller, so it is easier to move and use in different locations.


Delkin Industrial microSD Cards Across Industries

The industries explored above are just a few of the sectors that have embraced Delkin’s microSD cards for their storage needs. You’ll find microSD cards at work in healthcare, transportation, networking, gaming, and many other industries, for the same reasons of durability, reliable performance, and small size. Delkin is experienced in working with clients in a variety of different industries to help them find customizable solutions that work for their specific needs.


Huge technological advances and innovations, usually linked to the IoT, have made microSD cards a clear and obvious choice for many designers and OEMs. This demand for industrial microSD cards is only expected to grow as innovation continues to rapidly advance.


The team at Delkin is focused on providing industrial application solutions for non-volatile storage requirements. Let our experts answer your questions about industrial applications and powerful storage solutions. Contact us to learn more or to request samples for qualification and compatibility testing.


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