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Customer Success Story: Testing Industrial Flash for Extreme Operating Conditions


The operating conditions in which your industrial device is used will have a dramatic impact on the kind of embedded storage you choose. In rugged conditions, if the flash storage you choose is not optimized to withstand the operational demands, you will run the risk of experiencing device failures and data loss. Industrial devices in fields such as transportation, healthcare, automation, and the military are just a few examples of the kinds of applications that may require industrial flash memory that can withstand extreme temperatures, dust, shock, and vibrations.


These demands can be particularly challenging for designers and OEMs working on devices that record video in rugged conditions. Video recording requires a significant amount of storage capacity, which can sometimes be restrained by industrial flash designs. However, if the environmental conditions are extreme, compromising ruggedness for capacity is risky at best. Fortunately, Delkin has an option for developers who need rugged flash storage with high capacities in a small card design: the DASHCARD microSD. Here is how Delkin helped a past customer solve their problems with device failures in rugged conditions through the use of industrial flash.


Customer Story

A customer with a dashboard security camera device was perplexed by the repeated failures they were experiencing. This customer had to be highly strategic when selecting embedded flash memory for their cameras, because they needed to reliably record and store a significant amount of video. They also needed to keep the cost of the device manageable, which would enable their customers to purchase cameras in bulk for their fleets.


The customer suspected that the flash memory cards were to blame, but their current supplier could not identify a problem. Eventually, the customer turned to Delkin for assistance.


Delkin Discovery

Delkin’s technical consultant took the customer’s story to the engineering team to begin working on the problem. After further conversations with the customer, the Delkin team noticed a pattern with the failures: they all occurred when the devices were being used in extreme heat conditions. There were no records of any failures in moderate or cold conditions. This suggested to the Delkin team that the issue was related to the operating conditions of the devices, and that the flash was failing in response to extreme heat.


The Delkin team took the customer’s current flash cards and tested them under rugged conditions using HALT (Highly Accelerated Life Test) and HASS (Highly Accelerated Stress Screen) methods to see how the cards reacted to rapid temperature fluctuations. Though the cards were fine in cold conditions, they began to fail when the temperature reached over 80 degrees C.


After further interviews with the customer, Delkin determined that the failures weren’t happening the cameras were in operation but rather they were failing when they were being stored. Often, the dashboard cameras were exposed to temperatures over 100 degrees C while being stored, causing them to fail.


Delkin Solution

Delkin recommended that the customer change from their current card to industrial microSD DASHCARDs. The DASHCARD is designed specifically for high-resolution video recording and storage in rugged operating conditions. They are frequently used in applications like the customer’s, including bodycams, surveillance cameras, and other security cameras that need high endurance, continuous recording capabilities in extreme environmental conditions. The DASHCARD comes in three capacities, allowing the customer to strike the balance they needed between cost, performance, and storage space.


Don’t let extreme operating conditions expose your industrial device to failures. Protect your critical data with help from Delkin. Our team can offer environmental testing and replicate your operating conditions to help you find the right industrial embedded memory. Contact us today for more information.


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