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Customer Success Story: Enhance Embedded Memory With SMART Cards

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Flash storage offers a modernized opportunity to store and access data at a high speed, revolutionizing the way companies operate. Like many other high-tech products, however, its memory span is limited. Here at Delkin, we provide advanced solutions for your technological needs. Utilizing a SMART (Self-Monitoring, Analysis, and Reporting Technology) approach to memory enhancement, we uniquely work out data storage limitations with innovative resolutions.


The SMART Solution to Memory

In order to optimize flash storage, Delkin provides SSD (Storage Solid-State Drive) hardware to a range of businesses with the intent of flawless operational execution. To connect the means to the ends, we regularly monitor lifecycle management with SMART commands.


Essentially, SMART cards assist OEMs in managing storage by detecting the maintenance needs and storage capacity. By sustaining program/erase cycles through controlled configurations, SMART commands allow industrial flash storage to function flawlessly. This means that you can reach your company goals with ease.


Delkin’s SMART solution to memory storage aids businesses in maximizing productivity, securing privacy, bettering safety issues, retrieving data loss, and, ultimately, increasing revenue. Delkin’s customizable products, life cycle, and EOL (End of Life) management help companies across a range of industries—including gaming, automotive, healthcare, aerospace, and more—to operate at the highest capacity. These products enable companies to satisfy customers while providing efficiency and boosting business earnings. Any bumps encountered along the way are effectively ironed out by our knowledgeable support team.


To better understand the potential of SMART card memory enhancement, let’s explore an individual client success story regarding data loss and industrial embedded storage.


A Customer Success Story

While flash storage introduces a new level of technological potential, it also means that more is at stake. Memory failures will inevitably result in data loss and safety issues. In the industrial storage industry, these problematic occurrences lead to the loss of revenue and potential security breaches. In the digital signage industry in particular, an occurrence of memory failure can compromise public safety (e.g. the loss of traffic lights and other critical digital signage). Any memory failure could cause significant disruptions to a city’s basic infrastructure, and may result in potentially deadly accidents.


These risks came to life when one specific Delkin customer contacted our support team regarding the approaching end of an embedded memory life cycle. They had made the switch to industrial storage with the expectation of elongating their memory card lifespan while providing a higher level of stability and security. The client was essentially searching for a way to prevent data loss and cut expenses while simultaneously prolonging the life cycle of the memory card.


It’s no surprise that technology is continuously evolving, but many don’t recognize the rapid rate at which modern controllers surpass older models. It’s often the case that the features and tools of CPU (Central Processing Unit) technology are no longer compatible with its predecessors even five years prior.


To this end, our support team studied what signs lead to the indication that the memory cards were wearing down and approaching capacity. It was through careful analysis that our team was able to identify the indicators and provide resourceful feedback as to what was causing card usage and for how much longer the card could perform. Thanks to SMART data intelligence, we were able to retrieve and provide P/E cycles, bad blocks, remaining blocks, and abnormal startups.


In order to avoid the data loss and memory failures associated with the digital signage industry, and thanks to the timeliness of the information we supplied, our client requested a memory card replacement when they estimated a 15% remainder of their useful lives. The replacement cycle cost them little in comparison to the lost revenue they’d experience had they not managed the cards and allowed a data failure to occur.


In conclusion, the SMART evaluation conducted by our team detected flash endurance through SMART commands, which offered valuable insight into usage statistics. This then aided the client in knowing when the card reached that critical 85% mark and enabled them to swiftly replace it, avoiding any potential risks of data loss.


Delkin’s Solution-Based Services

The successful results of the aforementioned story prove that clients, with the help of our customer applications team, can run periodic SMART assessments to compare data to a performance threshold, and therefore accurately determine the remaining life cycle of the memory card.


In addition to the vital tools provided by Delkin to maintain healthy life cycles and prevent memory failure, another key element proved beneficial. The SMART card was able to detect if a host was not operating efficiently, thereby creating more wear on the embedded memory and causing its life cycle to shorten. By catching the defect early on, the customer was able to resolve the issue with ease before it created significant levels of failure.


It’s therefore certain that choosing SMART card embedded memory enhancement will elongate life spans while predicting and preventing failures from occurring. However, SMART technology isn’t limited to the functionality of memory cards alone. It features vast and diverse benefits, including being used as a diagnostic tool for PCs with the Delkin Devices SMART dashboard software. As different CPUs and form factors require different services, our team stays adaptable by providing customized solutions to suit your specific needs.


Contact Delkin to Learn More

Delkin delivers USA-based design software and storage solutions for industrial and embedded OEM applications. In addition, we provide unparalleled customer service to match our world-class products. If any issue arises, or if you would like someone to guide you through the understanding of SMART technology, our support team is here to assist you promptly.


When it comes to lifecycle management support, we’ll not only provide detailed instructions to resolve device conversions, but also help you retrieve critical data in the event of an unexpected embedded memory crash. We’re here as your trusted advisors for all of your embedded storage needs, including choosing the right industrial storage for your device.


Contact Delkin today to take action to expand your memory card life span and avert potential host failures.


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