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Customer Success Stories: Application Lifecycle Solutions for microSD


Introduced in 2005, microSD is used in a variety of portable electronics in the consumer and industrial markets. MicroSD cards are about one-sixth the size and thickness of traditional SD cards. This makes them the perfect fit for devices that require the reliability of SD technology in a small format. The increased drive for ever-smaller devices has boosted the popularity of microSD cards, especially for industrial applications. For industrial users, the lifecycle of an embedded memory card—alongside its performance and data security—is particularly important. Failures due to lifecycle issues can be extremely costly and disruptive. In addition, the process of recertifying a new memory solution is lengthy. Delkin helped one customer navigate these challenges for their industrial application and microSD cards.


Customer Story

A customer approached Delkin unsure about how to proceed with their embedded storage needs. They had designed their application using microSD cards. They assumed that because they were so popular, the cards would be easy to continue to get without issue from their current supplier. After a few years of use, however, they were surprised to discover that the microSD cards they were using were actually being discontinued.


Their supplier allowed them to make a final order. This gave them some time to weigh their options going forward. The customer approached Delkin to find out what options were available to them.


Delkin Discovery

Delkin has led the embedded storage marketplace for over 31 years. We are known for staying ahead of trends in technologies and form factors, which is why the customer turned to us. One fact that Delkin discovered long ago is that embedded memory solutions that are designed for standard applications are often not a suitable fit for industrial devices. Although it is typical for embedded memory in standard devices to be updated as soon as 18 months after adoption, industrial designers need far longer lifecycles.


The reason why industrial devices need such long lifecycles is that the testing and certification process is much more complex than it is with commercial and consumer devices. Industrial embedded memory is often used in devices that deliver critical needs, such as medical devices and aviation products. In many cases, changing to a different kind of embedded memory means restarting the approval process with governmental agencies like the FDA or FAA.


Not only can an unanticipated device failure have potentially life-threatening consequences, but a lifecycle issue can take a device out of use for extended periods of time. This is costly for the company and disruptive to the marketplace. Delkin understood that this customer needed an answer that would account for their specific needs in the industrial marketplace.


Delkin Solution

The customer was happy to know that Delkin offers microSD embedded memory solutions, meaning that they wouldn’t have to face redesigning their entire device. They were even happier to know that Delkin offers industrial SLC microSDs, MLC 3D microSDs with industrial features, and COEM microSDs, so they had plenty of options when choosing the embedded memory that best matched their needs and budget. Additionally, all Delkin microSDs come with a locked BOM and industrial lifecycle management. This meant that the customer would no longer have to be concerned about surprise discontinuations or changes to critical components that could impact functionality. When the time does come to transition to a new microSD product, Delkin’s team assists all of our customers in managing the change and any needed testing.


Lessons Learned

When choosing embedded storage for industrial applications, it’s important to think beyond budget and technical needs. Long-term lifecycle management is a critical consideration for industrial applications.


Lean on Delkin

Delkin’s experienced Customer Applications Team understands the challenges of finding embedded memory for complex industrial devices. Let our team assist you in finding the best fit for your application’s unique needs.


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