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CompactFlash entered the storage market in 1995, and was long a familiar and reliable choice for both consumers and industrial users in search of memory for a variety of devices. However, as device designs evolved and their capacities and speeds grew, CompactFlash was left on the outside, unable to meet the increased demands of users. Instead of becoming irrelevant, however, the CompactFlash Association created an alternative: CFast. CFast uses the faster SATA interface, rather than the PATA interface used by CompactFlash cards, making it ideal for use in modern devices that utilize agile solid state drives, or SSDs, in place of hard disk drives (HDDs).


What makes CFast SATA cards unique?

The main difference between CFast SATA cards and CompactFlash cards is that CFast uses the SATA interface. Using SATA allows CFast cards to deliver much higher transfer rates than CompactFlash cards. Today’s CFast cards have been updated to work with the latest version of SATA—SATA 3.0—and can deliver speeds up to the maximum capability of the SATA interface. Note, however, that while CFast cards are electronically compliant with SATA specifications, they are designed with a connector that follows specifications set by the CompactFlash Association.


What are industrial CFast SATA cards?

Industrial CFast SATA cards are designed with industrial grade, SLC flash memory. SLC, or single-level cell, flash is memory in which one bit of data is stored per cell. There are several advantages to this design. One benefit is that it offers the highest level of data security, since there is a lower risk of data being lost or corrupted when only one bit is written per cell. It is also faster than other forms of flash memory and has a much longer lifespan.


Industrial grade CFast SATA cards can withstand temperatures ranging from -40 degrees C to 85 degrees C. They can also stand up to the extreme levels of shock and vibration that are often encountered in industrial environments.


CompactFlash cards are still used in many commercial devices, but if you are looking for industrial storage with fast speeds, a CFast SATA card could be right for you. Let Delkin’s team help you explore your options for embedded storage and find the right fit for your design.


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