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Answers to Common Questions about CF Memory Cards

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Compact Flash Memory Cards

CF memory cards are one of the oldest forms of flash memory on the market. However, these durable, reliable embedded storage cards remain a popular option for a wide variety of portable electronic devices. Compact Flash cards have evolved over the years. Continual design tweaks have allowed this rugged memory solution to keep up with technological advances. A variety of industrial applications rely on Compact Flash memory cards for their storage needs. They are particularly popular for industrial image storage. At Delkin, we offer both the C600 and C670A series of Compact Flash memory cards, providing our customers with a variety of options to meet their specific needs. Here are the answers to some of the questions we commonly hear about Compact Flash memory.


What is the difference between Compact Flash memory cards and SD cards?

Both Compact Flash and SD memory cards are good options for industrial users. The main difference between the two is that Compact Flash cards have a memory controller built into the card. As a result, Compact Flash cards tend to be slightly larger than SD cards. However, they are still well within the size needs of most portable devices. Compact Flash memory cards also have an edge when it comes to storing high-resolution images; this is why this kind of industrial memory is commonly found in devices that store medical images or security footage.


Are all CF cards the same?

Though all Compact Flash is designed according to the standards of the CompactFlash Association, industrial Compact Flash cards are specifically intended for the industrial marketplace. Industrial Compact Flash cards from Delkin offer the features needed for industrial operations. These include an extended temperature range and a locked BOM, or bill of materials, which ensures that none of the critical components of the card, like the controller or firmware, will be changed without a new product number. This eliminates costly, disruptive failures in the field tied to compatibility issues.


Can Compact Flash cards be customized?

The answer to this question depends on the supplier. Many OEMs and industrial users choose Delkin for Compact Flash memory because of the wide range of customizations we offer. With Delkin, it’s possible to get Compact Flash memory cards that have customized content and image loading, conformal coating, serialization, and branding. Delkin can also perform customized shock and vibration testing to ensure that the memory card can withstand the operating conditions of the host device. Our experienced team will help you decide which series of Compact Flash is right for your application. We can even assist you in making decisions regarding the best card capacity for your device’s needs.


Let a Delkin team member help you with your industrial, embedded storage needs. In addition to CF memory cards, we have a number of rugged storage options designed to tolerate extreme conditions without loss of function. Contact us today with your questions or to request an engineering sample.


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