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Delkin Devices is a state-of-the-art flash memory and storage SSD provider for OEMs for embedded and industrial applications across all industries. Our durable flash solutions can withstand rugged industrial environments demanding critical data integrity throughout an OS boot, application load, or log data. As Delkin Devices seamlessly meets application workload requirements and host architecture compatibility, we’re capable of serving OEM application systems across various industries, including aerospace, military, gaming, automotive, medical, and many more.


Not only does Delkin provide high-quality, USA-designed products, but we also offer a world-class system of support, including controlled configurations, product customization and selection, host qualification, applications support, failure analysis, and life cycle management. The Delkin applications engineering support team is here to help all of our valued clients with testing and design configurations. As an extended part of the engineering team, the applications support team helps optimize the usage of Delkin flash storage in all varieties of applications our industrial products go into.


Some of the top-quality support features provided uniquely by Delkin that can’t be found at other flash storage manufacturers include the following:


One-of-a-Kind Product Customization

Here at Delkin Devices, we know that each embedded industrial application features a unique set of demands that can’t be met with a generalized storage solution. That’s why we’re dedicated to working with each client to customize products and processes for their unique applications. Examples of the customization we provide for projects and applications include electrical, environmental, mechanical and/or test specifications, image loading, and packaging or cosmetic options. Best of all, Delkin offers this feature for all of our clients, regardless of the size of their order requirement, and without long lead times.


We conveniently feature a spec download tab featuring engineering specifications for all our flash memory and storage SSDs that addresses your top technical questions and helps guide you to the best product for your application. We also provide an Industrial Replacement Cross-Reference guide with our full catalog of products to design your storage unit, including form factor, category, flash type, and capacity.


Life Cycle Management

Delkin supports applications by engineering measures to extend the longevity of our products. To avoid costly re-qualifications for embedded or industrial original equipment manufacturers, Delkin’s application support team designs products, controllers, and flash selections with long life cycles that ensure value and ease of use.


Delkin makes it easy to stay on top of your product’s life cycle with EOL notifications, information on the last time buys and shipments, and a selection of replacement parts, ensuring a smooth transition to a new solution.


Choose Delkin Devices for Quality Flash Storage with Exceptional Customer Support

The Delkin Devices design, manufacturing, and technical support teams operate out of our headquarters in Poway, California. Whether you need assistance with selecting a product for your OEM application, customized products or custom designs, host qualification, support with your application, or failure analysis, our team of friendly professionals will be happy to assist you. Contact us today to learn more about our services and how our application engineering support team can help you.


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