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A Case Study in Application Design That Considers Technological Advancements


When designing state-of-the-art technological applications, designers and engineers are faced with a major challenge—creating products that can last for the long haul without becoming outdated in a rapidly advancing digital world. Longevity and relevance are particularly challenging when designing industrial-grade applications that need to be compatible with technological advancements for the full lifecycle, and supported by the manufacturer for that extended timeframe.


Delkin Devices strives to provide the highest quality OEMs for embedded and industrial applications with top-grade USA-designed flash solutions. Our goal is to exceed OEM expectations by providing unparalleled customer care and valuable products. To that end, achieving the most cutting-edge application is not always prioritized over stable, reliable storage solutions for both the device and the people who use it, as we learned while assisting a client.


The Customer Success Story

A technological video logging application customer needed to add microSD cards to their backup cameras in the event of a power failure. Typically, the host application would save the recorded video directly to a central location. However, the microSD cards were needed as a secondary solution that would record locally to the camera itself.


The customer’s main request was a microSD card with high-capacity storage that could save extensive video footage without running out of memory space. At the time, the most up-to-date technological hardware existed to provide a large amount of capacity they needed while offering high video resolution and high-speed recording. There was just one issue—the product’s high price point. That’s where Delkin’s skilled problem-solving service team stepped in to come up with an innovative solution that would meet the client’s needs while remaining within their budget.


Delkin’s Discovery

To solve the problem, Delkin’s customer applications team first took the time to thoroughly learn the ins and outs of the customer’s OEM system while also checking how the system signaled that the memory card would fail. This information would serve as essential for the Delkin team to consider different embedded storage solutions.


Delkin’s customer application team conducted its unique ongoing reliability testing (ORT) to learn all about the functionality of the microSD memory cards. Through elaborate testing, the team analyzed in detail the power usage, the signal warnings, the types of files in the cards, how those files were being written, and much more to determine the most effective embedded flash memory solution for this particular customer.


What we discovered through our one-of-a-kind ORT process was they needed SD cards with high efficiency that would provide long life cycles and a large storage capacity. Focusing on that would be what they truly needed to attain their best work.


Delkin’s Innovative Solution

Having clarified the target goal, the Delkin customer applications team then moved on to the most essential part of the process—creating an innovative solution for the customer’s dilemma. Above all, Delkin strived to extend the life cycle of the SD cards while staying within budget to efficiently solve the problem. As the team had already established, the client did not require high-resolution video recording to perform their projects well, so the highest-end, most up-to-date flash storage cards the market had to offer were no longer the top priority. Instead, affordable, utility-grade memory cards with extensive lifespans and large storage capacities were decided as the primary flash storage type for their specific application.


Why did Delkin opt for utility memory cards? The answer is simple—the flash memory cards integrated the benefits of industrial SLC storage, like integrated data security and life cycle management features, with commercial MLC storage, which features high storage capacity. Utility memory cards also boast extended temperature ranges and high shock and vibration tolerance. Furthermore, this particular flash memory storage option the Delkin team ultimately settled on for the client also offered a locked bill of materials (BOM), meaning the memory’s critical component factors would not be changed without advanced acknowledgment and the issuing of a new product number. This prevents unexpected failures that arise from compatibility issues with new memory cards while also ensuring ease of integration.


Delkin provides customized assistance to each of our clients, and this story is no different. The customer applications team created non-file allocation table (non-FAT) optimizations and provided wear-leveling algorithms that would ensure the cards were storing memory efficiently while minimizing the write amplification factor (WAF) which would ultimately create a longer life cycle.


Thanks to Delkin’s personalized support, the utility memory cards provided all the features the customer needed, both in performance and storage capacity, while staying within the scope of the project.


What Delkin Learned

The surprising revelation the Delkin customer application team reached was that aiming for the most cutting-edge technological features isn’t always the best route to provide a client with the state-of-the-art flash storage solutions that Delkin sets its standards to. What is more important than ultra-modern technological features is the client’s need for a product that can perform the job required at the most efficient capacity. Ultimately, each client has their own unique requirements for their application, so there is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to providing top-quality embedded flash storage solutions.


Delkin’s Technical Team Is Here to Help

The Delkin customer applications team boasts unrivaled client care for personalized, innovative flash storage solutions that can’t be found elsewhere. We dedicate the time to understand your application and preferences through extensive testing to recommend embedded storage solutions that will exceed OEM expectations. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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