Rugged Construction. Rugged Control. Flash Storage for Transportation

Delkin Devices TransportationTransportation applications, whether on rails or highways, present unique challenges for flash storage – including extreme temperatures, shock, vibration and the need for high reliability. Delkin industrial products are designed and manufactured exactly for these types of demanding conditions, with rugged construction and components selected for reliability. High endurance SLC flash is typically selected for transportation applications, to address the rigorous usage typical of data logging and video recording.

Also critical for transportation applications is a controlled solution, so that once qualified, the performance and host compatibility is guaranteed. Delkin utilizes a smart part numbering system to lock in the specific flash, controller and firmware, plus any other customization parameters, requiring a new part number when any of these critical components are changed.

In addition to offering many customization options on existing products, Delkin also welcomes complete custom designs, when a standard form factor will not fit or meet the requirements of the application.

Whether controlling a locomotive subsystem, recording event data, supporting a PTC (Positive Train Control) system or launching the OS for a commercial vehicle tracking system, Delkin industrial products will keep things rolling.

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