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healthcareAdvances in healthcare have driven the development of new technologies in imaging, diagnostic and therapeutic equipment, with increasing storage requirements for OS or application loading and logging patient data. The regulatory approvals required for medical equipment make locked BOMs and long life cycles critical to minimizing the time and expense of requalification. All of Delkin’s industrial and OEM products are built with controlled configurations, offering an unusually long manufacturing window for low density SLC SD and CF cards. And when the eventual EOL can no longer be avoided, Delkin manages the end of life process with advance notification, last time buy opportunities and new qualification samples.

In addition to long life cycles and life cycle management, other key attributes for medical storage solutions include long term reliability, MTBF, low power consumption and a controlled BOM to ensure ongoing compatibility and performance. Mechanical robustness is also important, especially if removable cards are handled frequently by patients or health care workers.

Delkin offers a wide range of flash storage options that are ideal for medical applications, whether a small amount of high endurance flash is integrated into equipment for applications such as imaging, emergency resuscitation, medication delivery and cosmetic procedures, or a cost –effective, yet controlled solution is needed for home respiratory or office diagnostic equipment.

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