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Delkin Devices is the trusted industrial brand of NAND flash storage across vertical markets and industrial applications which are widely diverse, yet which have common requirements – the need to reliably launch an operating system or custom application software and/or to log mission critical data. 

Here is a closer look at some of the wider applications of the specific form factor, industrial microSD

The development of the microSD form factor was considered revolutionary, especially for use in portable devices such as tablets, smartphones, digital cameras, and laptops. However, advances in technology have ensured that the capacity and durability have improved significantly. This has prompted a wider application of the microSD form factor, and industrial microSD is gaining popularity for use in industrial applications. This can be attributed to innovative techniques in microSD development that have enhanced the reliability of the cards. Industrial microSD is not only rugged and durable, but also reliable in the sense that manufacturers can utilize them to store operating systems and other valuable data without fear of data loss. This article discusses the wider application of Industrial microSD, with specific focus on its use in the automotive, security, and e-marketing industries.

Application in the Automotive Industry

The automotive industry is evolving quickly, and parallel to the information and communication industries. This rapid progress has accompanied the development of smart cars, which have cameras, GPS and entertainment systems installed. These systems require local host critical storage for applications and data. Even though other flash storage solutions exist, car manufacturers prefer using industrial microSD due its size, low power consumption, durability, and reliability. The industrial microSD card stores large quantities of data needed for normal functioning of the internal navigation and entertainment systems of the vehicle.

The rugged reliability of the industrial microSD card is especially important when installed into vehicle electronics because of variance in temperature due to the extreme climate conditions vehicles encounter. Delkin Devices industrial microSD cards are ruggedized to an operating temperature of -40 to 85° Celsius, ensuring card integrity under any condition the vehicle may encounter around the world and add life cycles. A strong benefit for the automotive industry.

Application in the Security Industry

Industrial microSD cards are also utilized in the security industry. The development of biometric authentication systems, security terminals, and surveillance cameras has prompted the need for a small but dependable storage tool. Industrial microSD has emerged as the solution to this challenge, as many security companies incorporate this type of storage into their systems. Today’s biometric authentication systems have microSD cards, which store the operating system and other valuable information that ensure smooth operation. Apart from this, security equipment such as fire detectors and natural disaster monitoring equipment also contain industrial microSD cards that store data necessary to analyze fire hazards and natural disaster trends.

In the case of security industry applications, the largest benefit of using Delkin Devices industrial microSD cards is the SLC (Single Level Cell) architecture rating to endure a very high number of program/erase cycles. In the security application, it is important to be able to rewrite data continuously as well as retain data for an extended period of time. Industrial SLC flash is rated for data retention of 10 years with as many as 60K program/erase cycles.

Application in the E-Marketing Industry

The industrial microSD has also emerged as an alternative storage equipment for digital marketers. Thin LED digital signage screens, e-billboards, and other advertisement display tools have currently adopted the use of industrial microSD storage. These cards are utilized because they reduce the amount of energy required to run the device, and they reduce the bulk of the digital signage or e-billboard, thus increasing portability.

Delkin Devices Industrial microSD cards are the right choice for e-marketing applications such as digital signage. The small size and low power consumption make them the optimum choice for this type of industrial application.


Rapid advances in technology and an increase in innovation related to IoT have prompted the increase in usage of industrial grade microSD cards. These ruggedized cards are durable, reliable, have low power consumption, and have sufficient capacity to be utilized in the automotive, security, and e-marketing industries, among others. This widespread use of industrial microSD is expected to increase as technology improves and expands within IoT applications. The demand for industrial grade microSD cards is on the rise to accommodate that growth.

Delkin Devices is exclusively focused on non-volatile storage solution requirements for application-specific embedded, industrial OEMs. Let us know what questions we can answer or information we can provide, including product configuration samples for compatibility and qualification testing.

Markets served by Delkin include, but are not limited to the following.


Regulatory requirements and long product life cycles make Delkin storage products a natural fit for the medical equipment sector.  Delkin offers a controlled BOM to ensure long term compatibility and performance.

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Delkin Devices Aerospace


Delkin industrial storage products are built to withstand the extreme environmental conditions often associated with military and aerospace applications, including temperature, shock, vibration and humidity. Delkin also recognizes the importance of configuration and life cycle management for long term programs.

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Delkin Devices Transportation


The nature of transportation applications, whether on land, air or sea, involves environmental challenges and the need for long term reliability. Delkin serves the transportation industry with industrial-grade products built to survive the day to day demands of moving passengers and freight across the globe.

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Delkin Devices Transportation

Embedded Computing

Delkin offers a wide range of form factors and flash options to provide embedded designers with the right storage product for their application – whether a low cost consumer product or a high end heavy industrial system. All Delkin industrial and OEM products are built with a controlled BOM to ensure consistent performance and compatibility once qualified.

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Delkin Devices Gaming Infotainment


Delkin delivers customized storage solutions for applications such as OS loading, player tracking and game upgrading for the tightly controlled, yet cost- sensitive casino gaming industry. Delkin manages configurations and life cycles to ensure compatibility and performance after qualification and regulatory approval.

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Delkin Devices Networking Communications

Communication / Networking

Delkin offers a range of form factors, densities, performance levels and temperature grades to address different applications in the communications and networking space, all while ensuring ultimate quality and reliability. From microSD’s to SSD’s, Delkin has the right industrial solution.

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Digital Signage

Digital Signage

Whether a small indoor display panel or a large outdoor electronic billboard, Delkin has the storage solution to meet the capacity, performance and environmental requirements of the application. Delkin controls the BOM on all industrial and OEM solutions, so that once qualified, the solution will not change as long as it is available.

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Power / Energy

Typically in remote areas with extreme environmental conditions, power and energy applications have unique storage needs that Delkin serves perfectly through rugged construction and component selection. Whether at the bottom of the ocean or buried in the ground collecting seismic data, you can count on Delkin’s industrial storage solutions.

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Delkin Devices Controls Automation

Controls / Automation

Factory automation and control systems are heavily dependent on flash storage for a variety of functions, such as machine control, process monitoring and programming updates. Delkin manages configurations and life cycles to ensure no surprises for the industrial user.

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